"I don't only talk a big game, I walk it. And ethics is not about never doing anything wrong, it's about making choices. And I'm not gonna let you make my choice for me."
— Henry Gerard to Harvey Specter

Professor Henry Gerard, J.D. is a legal ethics professor at Harvard Law School and a novice gambler. He is notorious for never granting a student a grader higher than an "A" in his class, causing Louis Litt to suspect Mike Ross when the latter has an A+ listed on his transcript.


"His favorite quote is, "For the law to work, there must be honor in one's word.""
"Who's he quoting?"
"Himself. Pompous prick. Guy never practiced a day in his life, thinks he can write the book on real world ethics."
Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen[src]
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Following Robert Zane's disbarment, Louis calls Henry and explains that he wishes for Henry to help sway candidates their way since Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams does not have a single applicant from the top ten law schools in the country. Louis suggests that Henry make him keynote speaker at the upcoming ethics conference, although Henry adds that Harvard Law School would have to approve of it first. Henry then adds that he does not believe that Robert broke privilege just to stick it to him and Harvey, and realizes it was because of Harvey. While he admonishes Louis for allowing such a crime on his watch, Louis retorts that Henry did worse things and the firm covered it up on his behalf, and tells Henry to have him be keynote speaker by the end of the week.

Sometime later, Henry calls Louis to inform him that not only has Harvard denied having Louis become keynote speaker, but that the students are not going to won over by speeches but rather by action, and would not consider his firm unless Louis took action by removing Robert's name.[1]



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