"What if Hardman planted the CM memo in the first place? Donna never saw the memo. Donna never makes mistakes. What if she never saw it four years ago because it wasn't there? And then it was."
Harvey Specter

High Noon is the tenth episode of Season 2 of Suits and the 22nd overall. It first aired on August 23, 2012.


Harvey needs Mike's help as the battle for control of Pearson Hardman reaches its climax. But Mike drops off the grid following a dramatic turn in his personal life.


Hardman wins the partners' vote, including the vote from Louis, and replaces Jessica as managing partner. He and Louis begin making Harvey's and Mike's work lives miserable, with Mike already going wayward with death of his granny, so Harvey decides to have a night-out with Mike. Also, Tess, Mike's childhood friend, returns, further complicating Mike's relationship with Rachel.

The summer finale ends the conspiracy against Specter and the firm with interesting revelations and turns of events.


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Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Elisabeth Hower as Tess
  • John Finn as Lawrence Kemp
  • Matt Murray as Man

Major/Highlighted Events

  • Daniel Hardman wins the partnership vote and becomes the new managing partner of Pearson Hardman.
  • Harvey goes to Mike's apartment and the pair smoke weed and get high. Harvey suggests that they go pee in Louis' office, but when they get to the firm, Harvey decides to disclose the secret behind the can opener and the thumbtacks to Mike. However, the pair find Louis rummaging through Harvey's office. Harvey nearly punches Louis before Mike stops him.
    • Mike goes through the office's contents, believing that Louis might have planted something to get rid of him. He then suggests that they plant something in Hardman's office to get rid of him since Hardman wouldn't hesitate to do the same, and Harvey realizes the Coastal Motors memo was planted by Hardman to oust Harvey.
    • Louis, who had smelt marijuana off Harvey, presents a drug test authorization to Hardman and fires Harvey. However, according to the firm's by-laws, a senior partner's dismissal can be contested at a hearing comprised of fellow senior partners.
Hardman is ousted

Hardman is ousted

  • Mike and Harvey inform Jessica that Hardman planted the memo and allied themselves with Travis Tanner, with Tanner himself privately notifying Harvey that they settled because the memo was a fraud. Jessica tells them to get proof, and Mike pays a visit to C.M.'s CEO, Lawrence Kemp. During Harvey's termination hearing, the majority of the partners vote against Harvey being fired. Mike crashes the meeting and declares that he has a sworn affidavit stating that Hardman knew about the C.M. defects and wrote the memo himself. Jessica declares that Hardman had engineered the whole suit against her firm, forcing the partners to pay $100,000 each of their own money, for the sole purpose of buying control. She then declares that fraudulently suing the firm is grounds for dismissal, and the majority of the partners, including Louis, vote for Hardman to be ousted.
    • Hardman threatens to take the matter to court unless Jessica signs a confidentiality clause, which she does.
  • Mike reunites with his former childhood girlfriend Tess at Edith Ross' funeral. He shares a kiss with Tess, but breaks it off when she tells him she is married. At work, Mike gives Rachel a kiss, but she tells him that people don't make smart decision when they are reeling from a loss. Mike later invites Tess to his apartment despite her being married, and after having sex, are interrupted by the arrival of Rachel. Rachel declares that she doesn't wish to be smart and wants to be with Mike, but sees Tess wrapped in a bed sheet.

Cultural References


  • Goddamn Counter: 1
  • For the second time, Paul Porter is missing from a mandatory senior partners' meeting.
  • It is revealed that Jessica and Harvey smoked weed in her office in the past as a celebration.


  • Jessica tells Hardman to consider the $3 million he embezzled from the firm five years ago as his partnership being bought out. However, in "Rewind", Jessica states that $500,000 was the embezzled amount.


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