Dr. Agard: You made him a promise.
Harvey: Yeah, and as long as he doesn't find out I broke it, it doesn't matter.
Dr. Agard: And in light of the story you told me the other day, that's probably what someone you know very well said to herself.
Harvey: Are you shitting me? You're comparing me to her? [...] Then you don't know what you're talking about, because I've lived my whole life not to be her.
Dr. Agard: And when people do that, they very often become that very thing in a different way.

Paula Agard and Harvey Specter

Hitting Home is the seventh episode of the fifth season of Suits and the 67th overall. It first aired on August 5, 2015.


At Jessica's behest, Mike teams up with Jack Soloff to co-counsel a case, and despite their history the two come to a surprising understanding. Meanwhile, Esther Litt returns to P.S.L. to solve a problem discreetly, but Louis rarely handles anything quietly – especially when it comes to family. And Donna and Harvey try to get their friendship back to normal, but Harvey has a hard time stomaching Donna's "friendly advice."


Jack Soloff tries to make peace with Mike Ross, which Mike shuns at first. On the direct order of Jessica Pearson, Mike starts working with Jack. In his pursuit on a case with Jack, Mike first finds it difficult to work with Jack and shows a great distrust of him. Despite their differences, Mike and Jack manage to bluff their way through their case, which Jack recognizes as brilliant legal work, and nominates Mike for a junior partner promotion. When Jessica reveals this to Mike, she insists that he find a believable way to decline the offer in order to avoid drawing public attention. Meanwhile, Daniel Hardman approaches Jack to collude with him on a case by pouring poison in his ears about Jessica and Harvey, but Jack denies Daniel's offer. Jack tells Daniel that he has earned Jessica's trust. At the same time, Louis's sister, Esther, comes to Harvey for help on a lawsuit against her company. Harvey declines and sends Esther to Louis, as he no longer wants to sleep with her behind Louis's back. At the end of the episode, Louis finds out about Harvey and his sister sleeping together. Louis gets in to a fight with Harvey and brings up Harvey's family problems, causing Harvey to punch Louis in the face and then throw him onto a glass table, which breaks apart. Jessica comes in Harvey's office and gets Harvey out of his office to help Louis.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Laura Allen as Lily Specter
  • Raoul Bhaneja as Marvin Terrell
  • Amy Acker as Esther Litt
  • Buddy Arbuck as Young Harvey Specter
  • Brendan Murray as Raul Esposito
  • Trudy Weiss as Judge
  • Adam Langton as Scott
  • Alison Brooks as Lisbeth Wexler
  • Barna Moricz as Kenneth Jackson

Major/Highlighted Events

  • Mike Ross is tasked by Jessica Pearson to work alongside Jack Soloff, as Jessica is aware that Jack is allied with Daniel Hardman and wishes to find out how deep their connection runs. During the case, Mike claims to have obtained e-mails that the opposing party destroyed, informing Jack that he obtained them legally. However, during a meeting with opposing counsel, Mike notifies everyone that he obtained them illegally, which infuriates Jack, although they manage to win the case. Afterwards, Mike reveals to Jack that the e-mails were not legitimate to begin with, but that he had typed every single one himself; additionally, he had tricked him so that Jack's public angered reaction would sell the e-mails' legitimacy to the other side, impressing Jack.
    • Mike is slated to become promoted to Junior Partner by Jack Soloff, although Jessica orders him to turn it down.
  • Jack informs Daniel that he wishes to end their relationship, no longer wanting to conspire against Pearson Specter Litt.
  • Harvey Specter continues his therapy sessions with Dr. Paula Agard, discussing Lily Specter's infidelity. Harvey becomes angered when Dr. Agard compares him to Lily after Harvey states that it does not matter if he betrays Louis Litt, whose sister he had promised not to sleep with, only to do so anyways.
    • After Louis wins a lawsuit on his sister Esther's behalf, she visits the office to go out for dinner with Louis and Donna Paulsen. However, she visits Harvey's office first, asking him to spend the weekend with her. Affected by Dr. Agard's comparison, Harvey harshly rejects her, prompting Esther to tearfully leave the building and cancelling on dinner. Following Donna's confirmation that she was aware of Harvey and Esther, Louis lashes out at Harvey, bringing up his childhood; this causes Harvey to punch Louis and throw him into his glass table, shattering it.


  • Goddamn Counter: 8
  • Despite the fact that it has been well over a year since he was ousted ("High Noon"), Daniel Hardman finally returns to New York City; his exit clause included a non-compete, prohibiting him from practicing law in New York, forcing him to practice out of New Jersey for a year.
  • Jessica reveals that she had received a full scholarship to Vassar College, after which she spent three years at Harvard Law School and one year as the first black woman to clerk in the Third Circuit.
  • According to Jessica, Mike Ross is the best associate she has ever encountered.


  • In the season 2 episode "High Noon", Harvey informed Mike that he was 16 when he found out about his mother's infidelity. However, in the flashback shown during this episode, Harvey is visibly much younger than sixteen, and later tells Dr. Paula Agard that he was eight at the time.


Louis: If you were looking out for yourself, then why did you lie to me about going to him?
Esther: Because you're always jealous whenever I ask anyone else to do anything. You're my brother, Louis, not my boyfriend.
Jessica: He just sent out an email nominating you for Junior Partner. And you're gonna figure out a way to turn it down.
Mike: What?
Jessica: Go ahead, take a minute. Congratulations. You've earned it. You are the best associate I have ever seen. Now, these are your options. "Medical issues." "Family emergency." "You're just not ready." Whatever it is, you simply cannot accept a junior partnership at this time.
Mike: Jessica, no one turns down partner.
Jessica: Well, they do now. Because I'm not sending out a press release announcing Mike Ross of Harvard just got promoted.
Mike: Then don't send one out.
Jessica: You're not hearing me.
Mike: No, you're not hearing me. What do you think is gonna happen when word gets out that I was offered the one thing that every associate dreams of, and I turned it down?
Jessica: Nothing's going to happen. Because you're going to put your mind to finding a good reason with as much enthusiasm as you did bullshitting your way into this job in the first place.


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