Lola: I must say, I was really impressed you figured out what I was doing. Especially since you're not even a real lawyer.
Mike: What are you... what are you talking about?
Lola: I accessed Harvard Law School's alumni directory. Every class that graduated for the last ten years. No record of Mike Ross at all.

Lola Jensen and Mike Ross

Identity Crisis is the eighth episode of the first season of Suits and the eighth overall. It first aired on August 11, 2011.


The daughter of a businessman threatens to reveal Mike's secret unless he and the firm back off on the case they have against her, while Harvey tries to fix problems Louis made for them.


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Mike Ross' Harvard Diploma (Lola's Gift)

Lola's gift to Mike

  • Lola Jensen hacks into Harvard Law School's alumni directory and discovers that Mike Ross never graduated. Threatening to expose his fraud if he does not back down, Mike prepares to throw in the towel until Harvey convinces him that Lola would not live up to the threat. After Mike enlists Lola's help to prevent Anthony Mazlo from successfully getting away with embezzlement, thus keeping Stable Shelters alive, Lola thanks Mike by hacking his name into the alumni directory, giving him a fake transcript and placing him at the top of the class, while also presenting him with an actual diploma she had Harvard print out for him. She warns Mike that he may still get caught one day, although her actions have made his chances considerably smaller.

Cultural References


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  • The Mike doll that Joy McAfee gave to Mike in "Bail Out" is seen in his apartment.
  • Mike reminds Harvey about the time he suggested they hack into Harvard's database to prevent him from being exposed; Mike suggested this in "Dirty Little Secrets" when he thought Louis Litt was on to him.


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