Louis: Listen, can I just tell you something, Inez? In my experience, people respond to two things, okay? And that's the carrot and the stick. Now, I prefer the stick, and if you do not help me, I will devote my considerable expertise to sticking it to you.
Inez: The same way you stuck it to Perkins?

Louis Litt and Inez, Identity Crisis

Inez is the former executive assistant to Anthony Mazlo.


"She's an executive assistant to the head of a major investment firm. She's not gonna work for a junior partner."
"So you tried to bribe her."
"No, it wasn't a bribe, Jessica. It was an incentive. I thought she'd be more likely to talk if she wasn't worried about getting fired."
Louis Litt and Jessica Pearson[src]

Inez was the executive assistant to Anthony Mazlo. Following Louis Litt's actions resulting in Sylvia Perkins refusing to be a witness, Louis approaches Inez, offering her a job as Jessica Pearson's assistant if she testified against Anthony Mazlo. Inez paid a visit to Pearson Hardman, delivering files with evidence proving illegal money trails in Dubai, although it was soon revealed that the information was a lie; following Louis' approach, Inez informed her superiors and was tasked with giving them a false trail. As she had effectively been given a bribe, Mazlo's attorney Robert Geller revised their settlement offer by cutting it in half. She then returned to her job, although Mazlo was soon forced to resign as per his settlement agreement to avoid criminal prosecution.[1]


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