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Harvey: I made a bet that this company would grow and my billables would grow with it. We're holding a pair of aces, and this asshole is trying to fold.
Mike: So? What are you going to do?
Harvey: I'm not going to do anything. You're going to go through those bylaws and you're going to find me a way to get rid of Robert Stensland.

Harvey Specter and Mike Ross

Inside Track is the third episode of the first season of Suits and the third overall. It first aired on July 7, 2011.


Harvey and Mike try to find a loophole in order to oust the new CEO of a motor company, while simultaneously trying to convince one of the company's most loyal employees to take the job of the CEO. Meanwhile, Mike makes arrangements for the Rookie Dinner and considers helping Trevor with his problem.


"Eight o'clock means eight o'clock."

Mike Ross is running late for his meeting with Harvey Specter at the Gotham Car Club. Meanwhile, Harvey is checking out a Tesla when Laurence shows up, also wanting the Tesla. The two decide to quiz each other about the car, and whoever knows more about it to see gets to test drive it. Harvey wins but decides to let Lawrence get the car anyway. When asked why he let him have it, Harvey says that it never hurts to have man with a 2 billion hedge fund to owe you one, and that he merely competed with him first so Lawrence would feel like he actually does owe Harvey one. Harvey then rents out a vintage car instead and leaves a note for Mike to meet him at the Javits Center, and leaves a message with the car saleswoman about Mike's tardiness.

"Wow. Yeah, he really appreciates what you've done for the company."

At a car show, Harvey tells Mike about the first client he ever brought to the firm: Avery McKernon, the late CEO of McKernon Motors. He then introduces him to Dominic Barone, the engineer responsible for the winning engine of McKernon Motors. And since Mike will now be handling their paperwork, Harvey then introduces him to Robert Stensland, the new CEO of the company, who is initially skeptical about him but is impressed when Mike talks about his 364-page lease terms.

Robert shocks Harvey when he informs him of his plan to sell their factory land here in the U.S. and move manufacturing overseas, saying that "the real asset of McKernon Motors is the name". Harvey disagrees with him, later telling Mike that the asset is the quality, but Harvey decides not to tell this to Robert. As a lawyer and a racing-junkie, Harvey knows that these plans will jeopardize the company, which would in turn affect the firm through its connection.

Harvey tasks Mike to find a flaw in the company's bylaw that will solve this problem. It only takes him one all-nighter to discover that Robert Stensland is actually still only the interim CEO of McKernon Motors and that he has to be officially voted in by the board in order to move the factory. Mike and Harvey just have to find the right man to replace Stensland.

At the office, Jessica tells Harvey to act humble during his senior partner initiation. During the meeting, an ongoing tradition is leading the new partner to believe that he must give his buy-in money of half a million dollars on the spot, to which Harvey acts surprised to hear before the partners laugh at their successful prank. After the conference, however, Harvey reveals to Jessica that he had the money all along and was merely trying to be humble.

The foodie and "her view"

Also, Louis tells Mike to organize the traditional "rookie dinner". During the conversation, Louis realizes that something more is going on with the McKernon Motors deal.

Mike then goes to both Harvey and Rachel to try and ask for their advice, but both provide him no help. Harvey, however, tells him to take the dinner seriously and believe that things like that matter if he wants to get ahead in the business. Mike realizes that he needs to get a better idea about what it means to be a lawyer and how to build up a strong work ethic.

When Harvey hits a dead end with finding a replacement CEO, Mike suggests Dominic, the engineer. This, though, proves to be difficult for Harvey to accept since he and Dominic are not exactly on friendly terms.

"You ditched us. Both."

Jenny then goes to Mike's apartment, furious at him for lying to her for years, and also for abandoning her and Trevor. He later visits his grandmother, Edith, and opens up to her about Trevor. Expecting her to tell him to be there for him, Mike is shocked when Edith tells Mike to cut Trevor loose, calling him the "anchor" that would keep Mike down.

"You were also a junior partner until recently."

Meanwhile, Harvey was about to meet with Robert Stensland when he sees that Louis is in the restaurant as well and has also met with his client. He discovers that Louis was interfering with his plans by ensuring that Robert becomes CEO of the company, so he embarrasses Louis by telling Robert about the loophole of the bylaws he made years ago that may cause complications for him in the future if protocols aren't followed, which is that he has to be voted in by the board first. Robert agrees to delay his plans, and Harvey continues to embarrass Louis by pointing out that he was merely a junior partner and was not even supposed to be on the case.

"These workers, they respect you."

Jessica then confronts Harvey about Robert Stensland, realizing that Harvey intends on getting him off McKernon Motors. Jessica tells him to drop it and just close the deal. Of course, Harvey does not listen and has Mike prepare a draft speech as he meets with their replacement CEO, Dominic Barone, to try and convince him, despite his own opinion now that they have no other choice. Dominic is initially reluctant, saying he has stayed underground to run the factory all this time and stayed away from his management rights because he hates boardroom politics.

Rachel helps Mike

When Devon and another co-worker makes fun of Mike about his plans for his rookie dinner, Mike intimidates them away but is obviously affected and even more frustrated by the predicament. Rachel sees this and feels sorry for Mike, so she arranges for dinner with him at a fancy restaurant. To not embarrass him further in front of the other associates, Rachel gives Mike a note and pretends that it is from Louis.

Harvey and Mike prep Dominic for his speech at their conference room, but when Harvey and Dominic get into an argument, Harvey leaves Dominic with Mike, who then talks with Dominic about engines that leads to a pretty solid statement for Dominic's speech.

Later that night, Mike and Rachel bond over dinner at the restaurant Rachel wants Mike conduct taste tests in to host his rookie dinner. They realize how different the worlds they came from were: Mike from a simple family with not much as he was growing up, and Rachel from a wealthy one. Rachel tells him that he should try more new experiences because it helps get his mind off work. Jenny then calls, but not wanting to ruin the night, he rejects the call.

"Look, what matters is that you don't help me out, okay? I help you out."

On his way home, Mike receives a suspicious voice mail from Jenny about Trevor, so he visits Trevor to check up on him. Mike tells Trevor to stop dealing drugs and just stick with his computer business, and Trevor admits that he never actually had software clients. Mike offers him help and transition money, but Trevor, not knowing that Mike is now making a lot of money as a lawyer, does not accept it, saying that Mike should not be helping him because it should be the other way around. The confrontation leads to an argument about Jenny, and soon a brawl that ends their friendship.

The next morning, it is time to introduce Dominic to the board as a contender for the position of CEO, but Harvey and Mike get their too late as Louis had already warned Stensland, who then moved the board meeting to an earlier time and was already voted in. The ratification of the sale of the company will be on the next day, and he also fires Pearson Hardman and Dominic.

"If I win, I look great. If Louis wins, he looks great. Either way, you look great." "You mean the firm looks great."

Back at the office, Harvey confronts Louis in front of Jessica about going to Stensland, but this time, Jessica sides with Louis. She chastises Harvey for trying to go after a client without telling her then gives Louis permission to go to Stensland to repair the relationship with the company and takes Harvey off the case. Harvey then realizes that Jessica sent Louis to Stensland in the first place and that Jessica would gain different advantages if either of their plans succeed. During the conversation, when Jessica reminds Harvey that he is now "the firm" because he has bought in, Harvey comes up with an idea. He has Mike get Dominic, saying it won't matter that Stensland is now CEO if they just buy the company.

They later meet back at Javits Center with Laurence, and when Harvey tells him that the company is for sale, he seems more than eager, telling him what Harvey has been saying the whole time: that the asset of the company is not the name, but the engine quality. Harvey then introduces Laurence to Dominic to increase his interest.

".. for way more goddamn money than the one in front of you right now."

Harvey then proceeds to interrupt the board meeting Louis and Stensland has held, stating that Dominic can petition the board because he is an original employee and he was never fired because he was not given a three days notice (which was a lie Mike made up. Harvey, with Dominic's permission to his petition rights, then tells the board about the $250 million Laurence is offering for the purchase of the company, therefore beating out Stensland's deal.

After Mike's good job on the case, Harvey was about to commend Mike when he apparently "ruined it" by commending himself. Mike's rookie dinner is then a success, and Harvey pays for his bill. Devon, who was previously making fun of Mike, commends him for the dinner, and Louis tells Mike to pay his bill, which would be quite high because Louis bought very expensive wines. Harvey then gives Jessica the good news, telling her that he did it for the firm, and he drives off in his Tesla with the saleswoman.

"We're even."

Meanwhile, Mike waits for Jenny outside her apartment. He apologizes to her and tells her Trevor is lying to her and that he is still dealing drugs, and that he has cut Trevor off. He tells her that he it is the last time he will rat anyone out, so she should not fall for anything similar ever again. They end up kissing, but Mike pulls away. This time, Rachel calls him and he rejects the call.


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Major/Highlighted Events

  • Harvey Specter visits the Gotham Car Club, attempting to buy a brand new 2011 Tesla Roadster. However, Laurence, the head of a two billion dollar hedge fund, wants the car for himself. Harvey decides to allow Laurence the chance to buy the car so that when the time comes, he may ask Laurence for a favor as a return.
  • At the Javits Center, Harvey notifies Mike Ross that Robert Stensland, the new CEO of McKernon Motors, is looking to sell their U.S. factories and move overseas, believing that the real value of the brand is in the name. Harvey's first client was Avery McKernon, the founder of the company, who believed that the company's true value was in the engine under the hood of all their cars. Harvey decides to play nice with Stensland while secretly conspiring to have Stensland fired. However, Jessica Pearson gains wind of Harvey's actions and warns Stensland, who fires chief engineer Dominic Barone, whom Harvey had selected to be the new CEO.
    • Since the shareholders don't care about the company and only about the money they will make from the company's sale, Harvey cashes in his favor with Laurence, who is a big fan of McKernon's engines. Laurence makes a higher offer and purchases McKernon Motors, with Dominic Barone being appointed the new CEO while Robert Stensland is fired.
    • Following his victory, Harvey asks Jessica why she blind-sided him by alerting Stensland to his plan. Jessica reminds Harvey that he is now a senior partner who bought into the firm and thus must think of the firm as a whole, citing that losing McKernon Motors would be a huge loss to the firm. She explains that either Harvey would win and Stensland would be fired, thus allowing Pearson Hardman to retain McKernon Motors as a client, or Harvey would fail and Stensland, grateful to Jessica for warning him in advance, would continue to allow Pearson Hardman to be their lawyers. Harvey realizes that both ways the firm would benefit, and Jessica explains that it is her duty to ensure that her firm stands tall.


  • Goddamn Counter: 5


  • According to Harvey, he had spent a decade shaping McKernon Motors' vision alongside Avery McKernon and wrote their bylaws for during his time as an associate, when he was two years younger than Mike, who is 29-30 at this time. However, in the season 4 episode "Fork in the Road", it is revealed that he had signed McKernon Motors in his mid-to-late 30s and had been their attorney for five years at the most by the time Avery died.


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