"I asked you to do this because that man shattered my life, and I don't know how I'm gonna pick myself up, but I thought at least I could do this knowing that you had my back."
— Jasmine to Robert Zane

Jasmine Zane was the sister of Robert Zane and the aunt of Rachel Zane. She died shortly after being fired after years of constant sexual harassment by Arthur Kittridge.


"Arthur Kittridge. And your aunt worked for him. And he made her life a living hell."
"Because she was black?"
"Because she was beautiful. He wouldn't leave her alone. Finally, she threatened to do something, and he fired her."
"And you didn't help her."
"I was a young attorney. Taking on a case like that was only gonna get me fired, too. So I told her there was nothing we could do. And after that her life fell apart."
"Dad, why didn't you ever tell me any of this before?
"Because she died a few years later, and I was ashamed."
Robert Zane and Rachel Zane[src]

Jasmine was the younger sister of Robert Zane. During her adult life, she worked at a bank, where she was constantly harassed by manager Arthur Kittredge, who wished to have sex with her, although she constantly rebuffed his advances. Robert suggested that she handle the matter by quietly transferring elsewhere, although Jasmine refused to do so. After threatening to report him, she was subsequently fired. She asked Robert to represent her in a case against Kittredge, but Robert refused, claiming it would risk his career if did so.[1] Her personality and mental state suffered after being fired and she soon became sick and died, causing Robert to live with shame and guilt for decades.[2]



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