"But your real problem isn't that guy. It's Jason Black. Somebody was gonna turn him in once before. And I think you know the lengths he'll go to... to shut somebody up."
Harvey Specter to Matt Bailey

Jason Black is a criminal responsible for the death of Jill Hodgkins. He made his sole appearance in "Dog Fight".


"Jill Hodgkins went to him and said that she was gonna turn in these two other guys for selling coke. They killed her and planted the coke in Clifford's room."
Harvey Specter to Mike Ross[src]

In 1999, Jason Black attended a prep school along Matt Bailey, Clifford Danner and Jill Hodgkins. At school, Jason sold cocaine along with Matt, prompting Jill to inform Clifford, whom she was engaged in a secret relationship with, that she was going to turn the two boys in. Jason then convinced the sixteen year old Matt to join him in silencing Jill via murder, after which they planted the cocaine in Clifford's room, framing him for the murder.

The duo testified that Clifford had killed Jill, and due to District Attorney Cameron Dennis' decision to bury two key pieces of evidence, including a camisole that contained both Jason and Matt's DNA, as well as NYPD Detective Packel's decision to break the chain of custody for the camisole, Assistant District Attorney Harvey Specter had Clifford was imprisoned for Jill's murder, sentenced to sixteen years in prison.

Twelve years later, in 2011, Harvey discovered that Cameron had buried the evidence and sought to secure Clifford's release. Jason berated Harvey for reopening the case and perjured himself during trial. With the camisole being declared inadmissible, Harvey resorted to tricking Matt into thinking Jason was going to kill him to tie up loose ends, prompting Matt to confess and sign a deal. In return, Clifford was freed, with his record expunged, while Jason was incarcerated.[1]


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