"I do have your back, Jessica, but there are two people in every relationship. Two. And right, I need to look after my own."
— Jeff Malone to Jessica Pearson

Jeff Malone, J.D. is the boyfriend of Jessica Pearson. Formerly from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Malone transferred to Pearson Specter and became a senior partner at the firm, although he resigned a few months later after Jessica lied to him regarding the circumstances of Louis Litt's promotion to name partner.


"So, am I glad you're here, Jessica? Yes. Did I take advantage of Louis? Absolutely. I may play games to get us together, but I never play games with a case. Never."
―Jeff Malone to Jessica Pearson[src]

Jeff Malone worked as a prosecutor at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission after graduating from Harvard Law School, gaining a fearsome reputation. During his time at the S.E.C., he began dating Jessica Pearson. After being informed by a co-worker that he was to begin prosecuting Pearson Specter following Eric Woodall's tenure as Director commencing the following week, Malone went to Pearson Specter to inform them of the upcoming attack, asking them to hire him as a senior partner.[1] Despite being hesitant to hire a man she was in a relationship with, Jessica relented. He was initially located in an office once occupied by Stephen Huntley and Dana Scott, but later swapped with Louis Litt at Jessica's behest.[2]

As Harvey Specter was representing Logan Sanders and Sanders International, who wished to acquire the Wexler block of Gillis Industries shares, Jessica asked Malone to create a trust fund for Logan and to buy the shares for him, as Mike Ross had filed a temporary restraining order on Sanders' ability to purchase shares. Malone informed Jessica that doing so was a tactic known as 'parking shares' and would raise a red flag at the S.E.C., but was told to get the job done regardless.[3] Malone creatively reaches a solution to the issue where Pearson Specter purchases the shares with their own money after Sanders pays a $20 million retainer, after which they would refund him the difference by giving him the shares rather than the money.[4]

During his tenure at Pearson Specter, he constantly clashed against Louis, although their feud ended when Louis realized Malone was not using him to climb the ladder but merely to spend time with his girlfriend. Louis later admits to him that he committed fraud by making a dirty deal with Charles Forstman before resigning from the firm.[5] However, Malone realizes Louis has something on Jessica when Louis returns to the firm a few days later, this time promoted to name partner. He demands the truth, and not wanting to disclose the truth about Mike Ross, Jessica lies to him, telling him that Louis had just found out about her covering up Daniel Hardman's embezzlement, using it to leverage himself as name partner.[6]

In "Intent", he resigns from Pearson Specter Litt after he finds out Jessica lied to him about Louis' promotion to name partner, after an inebriated Louis accidentally reveals to him that he had discovered Hardman's embezzlement two years prior and not recently. [7]

He later returns in "Live to Fight", where Jessica seeks him out in order to protect herself, as she requires an attorney whom she can trust wholeheartedly. After helping Jessica by having Mike Ross destroy an incriminating piece of evidence against her, Jeff decides not to be her attorney anymore; however, he hints that they may renew their relationship once this case is done and over with.[8]

He encounters Jessica again in "Borrowed Time", where he expresses the fact that he is still interested in her; however, he tells her that he is moving to Chicago and knows that Jessica would not come with him, as she wishes to stay in New York and revive her firm.[9] However, when Jessica steps down from the firm in "P.S.L.", she asks to come to Chicago with him and he accepts.[10]

Jeff lived with Jessica in Chicago, and was present when Jessica informed him that Harvey would be flying from New York to help her in her public housing case against Mayor Bobby Novak and property developer Pat McGann. Jessica later informed him that she was dropping the case after having accepted a job offer from Novak, which horrified Jeff, as he notified her that a friend of his who worked in the Justice Department had warned him that Novak was a suspect in the murder of the original plaintiff in the public housing case. Despite this, Jessica told Jeff that she could handle the matter herself.[11]

A few days later, Jeff wakes up Jessica by kissing her shoulder, suggesting that they stay at home using their sick days. Jessica replies that she hasn't earned any sick days and leaves the bed to get dressed. Jeff is upset that she is actually going to work for the mayor instead of helping her family, with Jessica replying that doing this would help her family and that she spent years making money and keeping her name on a wall and that she wants more out of life. Jeff attempts to explain that he just wishes to discuss it, although Jessica retorts that he must be looking for a fight since he had the whole weekend to discuss it. Jeff mentions the friend he has at the Justice Department who informed him that a man who went up against the mayor's office turned up dead; additionally, he feels involved in the situation since he lives with Jessica, who has agreed to work for the mayor. Jessica states that Jeff is allowed to look out for his own self-preservation but tells him that he must decide whether or not he wants to have a relationship with her.

Jessica later returns to her apartment, where she notices luggage. She asks Jeff if he is moving out, although he replies he is attending a RICO trial in Miami, despite the fact that he had initially declined the offer earlier. Jeff admits that he had volunteered and claims that he has to leave as he is cutting it close. As he walks out, Jessica states that she thought Jeff supported her; Jeff replies that he does support her, but that there are two people in a relationship, and that he had to look after himself right now.

After winning two cases, Jessica returns home, where she smiles as she sees a bouquet of flowers with a message from Jeff that reads "I got your back." As she opens the box next to it thinking it is a present, her smile falters as she sees a folder from the Department of Justice containing the file and photos of Carl Jeffries, a man who had gone up against Novak's office and ended up murdered. As she peruses through the photos, she sees one of Nick D'Amato.[12]

Jeff receives a voicemail by Jessica stating she misses him and calls her back one morning. They discuss her employment with the mayor, where Jessica notifies him that she has hired Nick be her personal driver, which worries Jeff as he believes Nick to be corrupt and a murderer. Jessica replies that she did so merely to get close to him in order to find out the truth behind Carl Jeffries' murder. The next night, as Jessica is about to head into church, she gets a phone call from Jeff. She tells Jeff that Nick is in the clear and had nothing to do with Carl's death, and surprises Jeff when she reveals she is at church, with Jeff jokingly asking whether he would still recognize her when she got back before ending the phone call.[13]

Jeff soon decides to fly from Miami back to Chicago, driving a car to City Hall. As Jessica and Nick talk outside of City Hall that night, they notice the car driving up to the curb and Jeff exiting the vehicle. Jessica tells Nick that she won't need a ride home from him tonight and goes to Jeff, kissing him. Jeff tells her that he flew down from Miami to see her, and as Jessica enters the car, Jeff looks at Nick, with the two exchanging glances.[14]



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