Jenny Griffith is the ex-girlfriend of both Trevor Evans and Mike Ross. Her relationship with Mike was complicated as, other than the fact that he was the best friend of her ex-boyfriend, Mike was struggling to choose between her and Rachel Zane. She breaks up with Mike after finding out about his kiss with Rachel from Trevor.


Jenny is introduced in the pilot as Trevor's girlfriend. As the season progresses, she loses touch with Mike when he moves on to Pearson Hardman. Mike exposes Trevor's true job and Jenny and Trevor break up. Later, when Mike needs to choose an outside friend to act in a court case trial against Kyle Durant, Mike chooses Jenny over Rachel and their relationship starts to flower again. But he clearly still has thoughts for Rachel. It is suggested that Jenny's job involves handling animals. Originally very trusting and unaware of Trevor's true drug dealing involvement, she evolves to become more cautious and plans a double date with Rachel Zane to evaluate Mike Ross' feelings for her. She ingeniously finds out that Mike Ross was still somewhat in love with Rachel, and tells Mike he can't have them both.


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