Jerome: What if I paid the company back with my own money?
Mike: I don't think that would be a very good idea. It would make you a conspirator.
Jerome: I'm not turning my daughter into the police. This is not about the company image.
Mike: Well, the good news is, she hasn't distributed the money–
Jerome: The money is irrelevant. I came to Pearson Hardman to take care of this. Instead, my daughter and I are further apart than ever.

—Jerome Jensen and Mike Ross, Identity Crisis

Jerome Jensen is the father of Lola Jensen and a wealthy businessman whose company endured scandal.


"I'm not here to talk about my business, Harvey. Looks like my daughter might be getting into some trouble."
"Mildred Wisnewski. What's Lola doing with a fake I.D.?"
"Well, that's what I hope you can find out. It slipped out of her purse when she was ordering a drink at a friend's bar mitzvah."
"Any idea what it's about?"
"My relationship with Lola's been rocky for a few years. If I asked her, she'd just lie. Truth is, I don't need to know. I just need you to take care of it."
―Jerome Jensen and Harvey Specter[src]

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