Kevin: He told her that if she got inside information for him, one time, it'd keep them from losing everything.
Mike: And the next thing she knew, it was too late to stop.
Kevin: Yeah, he tricked her. And when I tried to tell her that, get her to quit with me, you know what she said? She said she'd never do that. Because no matter what he did with the business, she knew he was willing to run into a burning building for her. So she was willing to do the same for him.

Kevin Miller and Mike Ross, Shake the Trees

Jill Miller, née Sutter, is a stock trader and the wife of Kevin Miller. As the daughter of William Sutter, she received inside information and passed it on to her father, although in 2016 she testified against him in exchange for full immunity.


"He was just insider trading the whole time."
"Okay, so you got home, you told Jill, and she didn't believe you."
"No, Mike. She not only believed me, she... she already knew."
"She was in on it."
Kevin Miller and Mike Ross[src]
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