"You know what, Harvey? Instead of focusing on what I'm doing, why don't you give some thought to who you are? And if that's too much, at least treat my daughter better than you treat me."
— Jim Paulsen to Harvey Specter

James "Jim" Paulsen is Donna Paulsen's father and Harvey Specter's father-in-law.


Jim lost his family's money when Donna was young through a business deal, which resulted in his family moving out of their big house and into a small apartment in Connecticut. Jim also engaged in illegal activity, by fraudulently inflating his assets to obtain a loan which resulted in him being charged with bank fraud. Harvey Specter paid Jim a visit at the golf course and warns him that if he involves Donna in the deal, he will shut his deal down.[1]

Much later, Donna goes to breakfast with her father and notifies him that she is in a relationship with Harvey, although he has personal misgivings regarding Harvey. Donna tells him that Harvey would jump in front of a train for her, although Jim states that she deserves someone who puts her needs above his own in when it's not a life-or-death situation, adding that he trusts her judgment.

Harvey goes to a restaurant to make amends with Jim, and while Jim is initially appreciative of Harvey's efforts, he is insulted when Harvey reveals he looked into Jim's business and found a deal going wrong for him and therefore pulled strings to aid him. Harvey is confused as to Jim's reaction, considering his help a gesture, only for Jim to say that he hopes he treats Donna better than he treated him before leaving insulted.

Harvey invites Jim to his apartment to apologize, explaining that he had spoken to Donna and that he did not see that his gesture was disrespectful just as Jim did not see that Harvey's offer to help him with his business deal was in good-nature. The two make up and Jim asks if it isn't too late to accept Harvey's help for his business deal, with Harvey telling him that it isn't too late.[2]



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