Joanna Webster is a young woman who was paid by Devlin McGregor to falsely testify in a sexual harassment case they were involved in, and subsequently waste the time of Harvey Specter and Mike Ross, who had taken on the case. Her deceit was discovered in time by Harvey, and her testimony enabled them to win a large settlement for their client, Nancy.[1]


Joanna was approached by Charles Hunt and paid to falsely testify in an upcoming sexual harassment case, as well as waste the time of Harvey and Mike so they would be unable to find another witness. False information regarding Joanna's supposed dismissal was also indirectly added to the documents that were sent to Pearson Hardman for Mike to look through.

S01E01P57 Mike Joanna

Mike attempting to convince Joanna to testify against Charles Hunt.

After Mike discovered evidence of Joanna's "dismissal", she was visited by him at her home. Joanna initially refused to help Mike in his case, stating that she had no wish to revisit what happened to her or be verbally attacked. Mike persisted, however, and eventually managed to convince her to give a deposition.

At the deposition, Joanna recounted details of her time at Devlin McGregor, and how her boss Charles Hunt attempted to have sex her with. Charles Hunt's lawyer then questioned Joanna about being arrested when she was seventeen, which contradicted Joanna's previous suggestion that she had never been arrested. The revelation left Joanna rattled, and after the lawyer suggested that she was also lying about what happened at Devlin McGregor, she stormed out of the room. Mike managed to catch up with Joanna outside Pearson Hardman, but Joanna refused to stop, noting that what happened was exactly what she wanted to avoid, and informed Mike that she was no longer willing to testify.

S01E01P66 Harvey Joanna

Harvey confronting Joanna.

Harvey later discovered Joanna's deceit, and confronted her about it at her home. Joanna initially denied Harvey's accusation, but after Harvey threatened to have her sent to jail, she confirmed his discovery, informing him that her job was to waste their time long enough that they would be unable to find another witness. She implored him not to send her to jail, stating that she only did it because she needed the money. Harvey subsequently had Joanna sign an affidavit admitting to what she had done.


Season 1


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