Harvey: John, I don't care if you sleep with every woman in the Hamptons, just give her the preferred shares.
Dockery: Jessica said you were gonna charm me to get my business.
Harvey: I'm not interested in getting your business. I'm interested in keeping it.

Harvey Specter and John Dockery, Pilot

John Dockery is a businessman who hired Pearson Hardman as his attorneys.


"Your wife owns 10% of the company's voting shares. You've been seeing this woman and several others for quite some time, how do you think your wife's gonna vote after she finds out?"
"Who said she has to find out?"
Harvey Specter and John Dockery[src]

After leaving Skadden, Dockery began to search for new legal representation, prompting Jessica Pearson to schedule an appointment with him and Harvey Specter. Prior to their meeting, Harvey enlisted his C.I. Vanessa to find incriminating evidence on Dockery, which yielded fruit in the form of photographs evidencing his extramarital affairs.

During their meeting, Harvey showed the photos to Dockery, claiming that while he did not care whom Dockery slept with, he wished to retain Dockery's business with Pearson Hardman, and thus offered a suggestion: as Dockery's wife owned controlling shares in their company, Dockery should trade his two million dollar shares for the controlling shares. While he would lose money, it would protect him in case his wife found out about the affairs, as she would not be able to vote him out of the company without the controlling shares.[1]


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