Johnny Karinski is a landlord who, through illegal means, drove out tenants from his apartments in order to convert them into condominiums. He made his sole appearance in "Dirty Little Secrets".


Johnny Karinski is a landlord who owned apartments that were rent-controlled. When given the opportunity to convert his apartments into condominiums, he drove out tenants who refused to buy into the conversion by withholding utilities, leaving garbage and finally installing bed-bug ridden carpets. However, one of Karinski's tenants, Frank Carvello, filed a lawsuit against Karinski, which Pearson Hardman took as pro bono, represented by Mike Ross.

Karinski refused to address the issues and instead filed an eviction notice for unpaid rent, which the court upheld. However, Mike was able to discover Karinski's carpet method, forcing Karinski and his lawyer, Vivien Tanaka, to settle.[1]


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