"We're not lawyers, we're investment bankers. We call you for the paperwork. We didn't go to Harvard. we went to Wharton, and we saw you coming a mile away."
— Jonathan Sidwell to Louis Litt[1]

Jonathan Sidwell, MBA is an investment banker and the founder of Sidwell Investment Group. He was Mike Ross' boss, but fired him after discovering Mike intended to cut him out of his deal with Charles Forstman.


"When a person thinks he has no choice is when you see his true character."
"And you think you have no choice other than to be vindictive right now."
"This isn't vindictive, it's common sense. And where I come from, you don't give the fox another run at the henhouse."
―Jonathan Sidwell and Harvey Specter[src]

He graduated from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.[1] He started working at Gianopoulos Ltd., where he climbed up the corporate ladder. His first deal was buy of 3,000,000 cumulative redeemable shares of Lionsdale Electronics by management.[2] As Tony Gianopolous' "number two". Jonathan is known for developing an algorithm that can evaluate a company's value.

After some time, disagreements between Sidwell and Gianopoulous escalated and Sidwell's working conditions nose-dived, causing him to quit Gionopoulos Ltd. With Mike's help, he got out of his non-compete clause and started his own company. Subsequently, Jonathan offered Mike a job, which he accepted.

After three months of Mike's job as an investment banker, Jonathan was not satisfied because Mike was more focused on retaining employees' jobs than revenue necessary for hedge fund to be profitable. Mike's next deal was acquisition of Gillis Industries. However, Mike, desperate in need of funding, accepted Charles Forstman's offer of $230,000,000 USD in return to provision that would cut Jonathan out of the deal. After deal closed, Forstman told Jonathan about his agreement with Mike. Jonathan got angry because that meant breach of trust and he dismissed Mike as well as Mike's secretary Amy, who knew about the agreement.


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