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"Rapist, murderer; these are the kinds of people I'm used to dealing with. And you know where they are? Spending the rest of their lives realizing that I wasn't just a pretty face."
— Katrina Bennett

Katrina Amanda Bennett is a corporate attorney and a name partner at Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett. Initially an Assistant District Attorney, she wished to jump into corporate law like Harvey Specter and agreed to help him on a case provided he hire her as a senior associate at Pearson Hardman, where she became Louis Litt's go-to associate.

After Louis resigned from Pearson Specter due to tax evasion, she helped him poach one of the firm's clients that he wished to offer to Robert Zane so that he could gain employment at Rand, Kaldor & Zane, promising to bring her along if she complied. However, Harvey and Jessica Pearson discovered her actions and Jessica fired her on the spot. Knowing that she was just trying to help Louis, Rachel Zane asked her father to hire Katrina as his associate, which he agreed to do so.

After most of Pearson Specter Litt's employees left following Mike Ross' guilty plea, Robert Zane allowed Katrina and a handful of associates to leave his firm and go to Pearson Specter Litt, where she was promoted to junior partner.



Katrina completed her undergraduate studies at Princeton University, then attended Harvard University Law School before working as an Assistant District Attorney. At some point during her tenure at the District Attorney's office, she was approached with a sexual assault case. Despite believing the victim wholeheartedly, she and her team were unable to have the defendant convicted.

Season 2

She was a tenacious Assistant District Attorney who plays with people's weaknesses to get what she wants within The New York County's District Attorney's Office. When Katrina meets Harvey, whose reputation is "a legend" at the office, she acts tough and says that she wants to take him down. She then reveals to Mike that she was merely trying to impress him because she wants to "make the same career jump Harvey made", which is to a position at Pearson Hardman. She then takes their deal to try to appease Harvey.

Although Harvey had no intention of taking her in initially, he later bribes her with a position if she does not take Mike's information into consideration for the felony hit-and-run case against their client, Liam Colson.

Now a senior associate at Pearson Hardman, Louis Litt confronts her and later tells her that she will be under his tutelage to appease for his loss of an associate, much to Katrina's displeasure. She approaches Donna for advice about him and is told to take Louis on. She and Louis then begin tricking each other regarding a case with a very punitive judge. In the end, after Katrina gets Louis arrested, they call a truce

Having experience from the DA's office, she uses it to pull rank over the other associates, particularly Mike and even Rachel, for being a paralegal. Using shrewd tactics and below the belt moves, she takes credit for Mike's idea by delaying Rachel from helping Mike and giving it to Harvey before Mike can.

Season 3

Eventually, she learns to work well with the other employees of the firm. After Louis accepts her under his wing, she does her best to learn from him. When Louis' heartbreak prevented him from reviewing the bylaws Jessica wanted an overview of, she tries to take up the workload and even asks Rachel for help, citing her as the best researcher in the firm. Her loyalty proved sincere when Jessica fires her for the deception, and Katrina chose not to reveal Rachel as her co-conspirator. Rachel decided to reveal to Louis what had happened, and Louis returns to work, asking Jessica to re-hire Katrina as loyalty should not be a trait to be punished.

Season 4

At the end of the season 4 mid season summer finale, she told Louis that the firm needed to drop VersaLife and that he can use that as a client he can bring to Rand, Kaldor & Zane, since he had resigned from Pearson Specter. Jessica Pearson initially suspected Mike, seeing as Louis was the one who rehired him as well as Robert Zane being his future father in law, and thought Mike told Louis about VersaLife as a thank you, but eventually she realizes that it really was Katrina due to her loyalty towards Louis. Katrina was forced to resign and Jessica's last words to her was that the firm took back VersaLife so Louis will not be going to Zane, and neither would she.

In the episode, "Enough Is Enough" Louis had every intention to bring Katrina back to the firm, but sadly was unable to do so. Before she resigned she had settled her differences with Mike and Rachel and formed a good working relationship with them. Rachel then asked her dad to hire her, which she later told Louis to remind him that he had forgotten about her.

Season 6

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Katrina returns to Pearson Specter Litt and is promoted from Senior Associate to Junior Partner.

Season 7

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Season 8

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Season 9

The morning after Robert Zane's disbarment, Katrina calls Samantha Wheeler regarding the situation, telling her that it's bad and that she needs to come to the firm. Louis retorts that Henry did worse things and the firm covered it up on his behalf, and tells Henry to have him be keynote speaker by the end of the week.

The following evening, she meets Sheila Sazs for the first time when she comes to the firm to pay her a visit. She admits that she doesn't like Katrina but asks for help, telling her that she refuses to have the firm go down in ruins while Louis is at its helm. Sheila asks Katrina to convince Louis to drop Robert's name, but asks not to divulge that she came to pay her a visit, citing that Louis believes she is at book club reading Eat, Pray, Love. Katrina replies that Eat, Pray, Love is a book Louis has either already read or will want to read with her, and that she should instead go with Amazons, as it is a book about hockey that Louis would never pick up. Sheila thanks her for the advice, claiming she is starting to care for Katrina now, and adds that Katrina physically reminds her of her except for the fact that Katrina is much more attractive although with a far less sexual magnetism. As she leaves, she imparts some "friendly advice", informing Katrina that her beauty is a turn-off and that she should adopt a frumpy appearance.

Katrina gets to the firm early in the morning to talk privately with Alex, informing him that since he needs to convince Louis to have Robert's name removed. Alex refuses on the notion that Robert did not actually commit the crime, and Katrina responds that while she is aware of it, Robert told the world that he did. Alex agrees that the firm's reputation is negatively affected every day that Robert's name is kept, and Katrina reminds him that he owes her a favor; Alex then tells her that he would talk to Louis and convince him to remove Robert's name.

That night, Alex heads to Katrina's office to inform her that they are retaining Robert's name. Katrina notifies him that he is no longer in her debt as he successfully convinced Louis, and he replies by stating that she could still ask him for help in the future if she needs it. Katrina suspects that Alex knows something more regarding the matter that he is not sharing, although Alex reassures her that it is not worth mentioning.[1]

The next day, Katrina found out that Faye Richardson had taken control over their firm as Special Master and went to Donna's office to question how long Faye would be at their firm when Faye herself walks in. Katrina introduces herself to Faye before excusing herself, returnin to her office. Later on that day, Samantha paid her a visit to ask Katrina to give her access to her expense account to hire private investigators and expense accounts, although Katrina refuses. Samantha explains that she cannot leave her friend and client, Lucas Hodge, out to dry, disclosing that while she and Lucas served together, she left and he had stayed for two more tours, developing PTSD while she wears $2000 dresses and negotiates million-dollar deals. Katrina then agrees to help Samantha on two condition, the first being that they follow the law and remain ethical and the second being that they only pick fights with the military that they know they can win.

Faye goes down to Katrina's office to ask why Katrina has been listed as the attorney of record in Samantha's Lucas case, as she had explicitly told Samantha that firm resources could not be used. Katrina discloses that she worked on the case on her own time and that she would not be attending the scheduled depositions, which Faye respects since Katrina is adhering to the rules. However, Faye adds that she wanted Samantha to drop it, with Katrina stating that she is aware that Faye believes Samantha would be tempted to cross lines since the case is personal for her. Before she leaves, Faye tells Katrina that if she really wanted to help Samantha, she would help her avoid the temptation.

Later that afternoon, Katrina heads to Samantha's office to ask about the deposition, where Samantha explains that she received a $25,000 offer; while Katrina suggests that they could get $50,000, Samantha replies that she wants $500,000 and that she is willing to use blackmail and extortion to help her friend. Realizing that Faye had correctly predicted Samantha crossing lines for a friend, Katrina informs Samantha of this and suggests that what Lucas really needs is professional help.

Katrina pays Alex a visit at his office, thanking him for taking Louis bowling and asking Alex to keep being there for Louis, adding that Louis would need his friends now more than ever.[2]

The next day, Katrina is in her office attempting to handle a case for VersaLife when Susan offers her assistance. Katrina initially refuses, but relents when Susan catches an error that could have cost them the case. Katrina allows Susan to work alongside her, praising Susan's research skills. Susan asks Katrina how to have a professional working relationship with someone you have feelings for, revealing that she is attracted to a paralegal; Katrina refuses to discuss herself and Brian, and responds that she should simply not work with the man she's interested in. Susan then suggests asking opposing counsel, a family friend, to settle the case, although Katrina shuts her idea down, claiming that Susan had taken the case to show off her family connections in an attempt to impress her. Susan attempts to convince Katrina otherwise, though Katrina replies that as an associate, she should know when to drop it.

The following day, Katrina is on the phone in her office when Susan walks in. Katrina berates Susan for calling her family friend to try to get them to settle, stating it makes it seem as if the other side had them beat and admonishes Susan for disobeying a direct order. Katrina then tries to have Susan removed as a candidate to be her associate, although Susan responds that Brian, a married man who worked long nights alone with Katrina, suddenly resigning from the firm while retaining one client, believing that he and Katrina were involved in an affair. Susan then blackmails Katrina, notifying her that she would report the indiscretion to Faye if Katrina did not make promote her to her personal associate by the end of the week. Katrina asks Samantha for advice on what to do when pressed, adding that someone is blackmailing her, and Samantha replies that if she gives them an inch, they would take a mile.

Katrina walks to the associates' bullpen and asks Susan to come with her to see her new office, claiming that her associate would have to have one. However, Katrina walks into Faye's office and informs Faye that Susan made a mistake in a case but admitted responsibility for her, earning Faye's respect. Afterwards, Susan goes to Katrina's office to ask how she knew she wouldn't tell Faye about her and Brian, and Katrina responds that she did not know. Susan then asks why Katrina didn't report her blackmail attempt to Faye, to which Katrina replies that Susan had done so because she was ambitious, adding that she was the same way when she joined the firm but that ambition couldn't be everything.[3]

One week later, Faye pays Katrina a visit at her office to ask her why she brought Susan to her the other day, adding that she knows Katrina didn't do so because Susan wished to owe up to her mistake. Katrina replies that she handled it as she saw fit after Faye claims Susan should have been reported. Impressed, Faye tasks Katrina with drafting a code of conduct for the firm, Katrina realizing that the partners would take it better coming from a fellow partner and not Faye herself. Katrina agrees on the condition she drafts the code as she sees fit, which Faye would not be allowed to amend; Faye would have to either accept it wholesale or refuse it, and Faye says that her condition is an indication she made the right choice in picking her.

After Katrina finished writing the code, she leaves it on Faye's desk. Shortly thereafter, Louis confronts Katrina in the women's restroom, asking her to sneak in a clause into her code of conduct, having discovered it on Faye's desk after going to her office to ask for Gretchen back. Louis' proposed clause would place personnel reassignments under the purview of the name partners, preventing a Special Master from taking secretaries. Katrina replies that his clause is a by-law and not a code of conduct, but after he is adamant that she insert it in anyways, tells him that she would try.

Louis goes to see Katrina in her office to ask whether she had placed the clause into the code of conduct, and she tells him that she did not and will not be doing so as it is goes against her character. Louis is infuriated that she will not help get rid of Faye and mentions Katrina being sneaky in the past to aid him and uses their friendship as leverage, which Katrina does not appreciate. Katrina retorts that due to recent events, she has reflected on what kind of lawyer she wants to be and dismisses Louis after refusing his clause.

While working in her office, Katrina is once again interrupted by the arrival of Louis, who apologizes for using their friendship to have her do something shady for him. He then asks if she can still add something to her code of conduct, although when Katrina asks what the difference is from his first request that she declined, he responds that the first time he tried to sneak something past her while this time, he intends to make her aware of the clause.[4] The clause in question allows partners with a vote in meetings to waive any conflict of interest that may arise between two members. By adding this clause in the code of conduct, Harvey, Louis, Samantha and Alex are able to unanimously agree to waive the conflict created by Harvey and Donna's relationship, allowing Donna to keep her COO vote.

In thanks for Katrina's help, Donna offers to talk through any lingering feelings Katrina may have for Brian since his departure. Katrina originally is reluctant to admit there are any, but tests herself by leaving Brian a voicemail. After having to redo it dozens of times, she admits to Donna that she needs help. Initially Donna's solution is to do what she used to do with Rachel - forget their troubles by flirting with men for drinks using aliases based on the male lawyers in their lives (Harvey = Harriet for Donna, Michelle = Mike for Rachel, and proposed Louis = Louise for Katrina) - but when Katrina rejects the idea, she realizes this isn't the right approach. Katrina's feelings for Brian were part of a larger problem; Katrina's life was completely centered around her work and the firm. Donna made Katrina promise to do something unrelated to work one night a week. Katrina takes that advice and resumes her old ballet practice, signing up for classes. The next time Brian leaves a voicemail, Katrina deletes it without listening.

Meanwhile, with Mike Ross in town for a case against Brick Street Athletics - and therefore Harvey and Samantha - he visits Katrina and congratulates her on making senior partner. Katrina comments guiltily that if Mike had stayed, notwithstanding Louis's promise to her, Mike should have made senior partner first. Mike reassures her he's happy with where he is now. Katrina also advises him not to push Samantha. When Mike says this is a battle between him and Harvey with Samantha just "along for the ride," Katrina replies that Samantha is never along for the ride. Later, she advises Alex not to tell Harvey or Samantha that Faye asked him to oversee them to make sure they don't cross any lines in the case.