"I'm not an alcoholic. I'm a compulsive gambler."
— Keith Hoyt to Harvey Specter

Keith Hoyt is Harvey's long-time friend. He is a businessman with a gambling and drinking problem who Harvey owes a favor.


"Explain to me how you sell your company on a cocktail napkin at a poker table."
"I didn't sell it. I just put it up as collateral."
"On a cocktail napkin at a poker table."
Harvey Specter and Keith Hoyt[src]

In "All In", after giving a keynote speech at a clean energy conference, Keith ends up playing in a high-stakes poker game after a drink too many in Atlantic City. Needing the money, he puts up his $30 million worth company as collateral on a napkin contract to borrow $3 million from Thomas Walsh. With Harvey's help, though, they win it back.[1]


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