"Do you know what's it's like to have someone hate you out of pure jealousy?"
— Kelsey Price

Kelsey Price was the daughter of Malcolm Price, the half-sister of Madison Price, and a client of Pearson Hardman. She made her sole appearance in "Rules of the Game".


"I want Nothing But The Truth. My father and I worked together on it for years."
―Kelsey Price[src]

Kelsey Price was conceived after her father, Malcolm Price, engaged in an extramarital affair. However, the pregnancy led to Malcolm divorcing his first wife, with whom he had a daughter named Madison, and marrying Kelsey's mother. Kelsey was constantly doted on by her father and had a flourishing familial and work relationship with him, working together on his "Nothing But The Truth" tabloid newspaper. Due to Malcolm's love for Kelsey and her conception leading to her parents' separation, Madison resented her half-sister.

Following Malcolm's death, Pearson Hardman was tasked with dividing his assets between the two Price sisters fairly. As Madison had requested Louis Litt personally, Jessica Pearson assigned Harvey Specter to Kelsey. As Harvey was busy dealing with the Cameron Dennis issue, Mike Ross was given point on the case. Kelsey revealed that all she wanted was the tabloid, which Madison refused to give up, electing to sell it to United International. Mike then arranged for Kelsey to purchase United, although Louis caused the tabloid's finances to flounder, citing that despite Kelsey gaining the paper, the tabloid's debts would cause it to eventually flounder.[1]


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