"My problem is that you don't have the balls to make this a fair fight, Kyle."
"Lawyering isn't about fighting fair.

Mike Ross and Kyle Durant

Kyle Durant, J.D. was a junior associate at Pearson Hardman, one of Louis' protégés and was one of Mike Ross' rivals during his first year as a lawyer.


"Kyle for the plaintiff. Ross for the defendant. May the best man win. Oh, by the way, Kyle, weren't you a national Mock Trial champion?"
"That's right, Louis. In high school, college, and law school."
Louis Litt and Kyle Durant[src]

Kyle specializes in trial debates and believes in using unscrupulous tactics, declaring that lawyering is not a fair endeavor. He was a mock trial champion at the high school, college, and law school levels, and is described by Harvey Specter to be cocky and devious. Despite this, he nearly lost to Mike Ross in a mock trial, winning only due to Mike's inability to hurt Rachel Zane's feelings.[1]

Kyle makes his second and last appearance in "Rules of the Game", where Rachel asks him to be her date to a double date planned by Mike and Jenny Griffith. Kyle tells Mike how he will be "violating Rachel's ethics" all night long and grabs her waist, much to her discomfort, prompting Mike to lash out at him.[2]


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