Lauren is an art curator and the wife of Judge Donald Pearl. She made her sole appearance in "Errors and Omissions".


Lauren is a curator at an art gallery and the wife of Judge Donald Pearl. As Donald's wife, she felt neglected, prompting her to seek extramarital affairs. During a gala, she attempted to seduce Harvey Specter, becoming drunk in the process. However, due to Harvey's policy of not engaging in relations with married women, Harvey sent her home in a taxi. Feeling humiliated that she put herself out there only to get turned down, she informed Donald that she had slept with Harvey, prompting Donald to pay more attention to Lauren, although Donald formed a vendetta against Harvey.

Following Donald's denial of Harvey's injunction request due to the alleged affair, Harvey went to the gallery to speak with Lauren, who recounted the humiliation and refused to tell Donald the truth. However, before parting, she informed Harvey that Donald only seemed to care about his sterling reputation, which Harvey used against Lauren. Donald eventually considered divorcing Lauren, and asked Harvey to sign an affidavit confirmed her adultery, although Harvey refused.[1]


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