Laurence is the owner of a two billion dollar hedge fund and the current owner of McKernon Motors.


Laurence is a businessman who ran a multi-billion dollar hedge fund and frequented Gotham Car Club. In 2011, Laurence visited the club with a female companion with the intent of purchasing a 2011 Tesla Roadster, although the vehicle had already been claimed by Harvey Specter. Laurence asked Harvey to give up the car, and accepted his defeat after losing a game of trivia over the car. However, Harvey allowed him to purchase the Tesla, garnering an owed favor in exchange.

A few days later, in order to prevent Robert Stensland from selling McKernon Motors, Harvey cashed in his favor, offering to sell McKernon Motors to Laurence, thereby allowing McKernon to retain their flagship property and engine. In addition to purchasing McKernon, Laurence relinquished the Tesla, which fell into Harvey's possession.[1]


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