Liam Colson is a young man who was involved in a collision that resulted in the death of another young man named Albert Chung. Despite being at fault for the accident, due to his being high at the time, Liam was spared jail after Mike negotiated a deal with the prosecutor of the case, Katrina Bennett.[1]


Liam was driving home one night whilst high when he was involved in a collision with a young man named Albert Chung, who was at that time running away from having graffitied a nearby wall. Liam proceeded to dial 911, but chose to flee the scene rather than wait for the ambulance to arrive.

Arriving home, Liam informed his mother Gillian of what had happened, who then called Harvey asking for his help. Harvey arrived at the Colson's home together with Mike, and Liam recalled to them the details of the accident, stating that he had not seen the other person until it was too late. Mike questioned Liam on whether he had been drinking prior to the accident, but Liam quickly denied that as having been the case. However, he subsequently admitted to the two lawyers that he had driven away from the accident, and was unaware of what had happened to the person he hit.

As Mike left to find the identity of the other person, Liam went with his mother and Harvey to inspect the damage to the car he had been driving. After looking at the car, Harvey informed the Colsons that the minimal damage and position will help corroborate Liam's story that he did not see the person he hit. Mike arrived, and revealed the identity of the other person as Albert Chung, who was rushed to hospital the previous night after a 911 call, and Liam confirmed that he was the one who made the call. Mike relayed to them that despite sustaining some injuries, Albert Chung should live, but Harvey informed Liam that he should turn himself in, as even though it was an accident, it will put them in a better position.

Liam decided to take Harvey's advice, and was escorted to the police station by Mike, who attempted to calm Liam by revealing to him how he himself was arrested for possession when he was sixteen.

Liam's case was complicated when Albert Chung dies from the injuries he suffered in the collision, but after discovering that Albert had been committing a crime shortly before he was hit, and had dressed so he could not be easily seen, Mike was able to negotiate a deal with the Assistant District Attorney, Katrina Bennett, which saved Liam from having to go to jail. Liam was visited by Mike, who presented to him the deal he negotiated with Katrina. After being assured by Mike that there would be no more problems, Liam signed the deal, commenting somewhat disappointed on the fact he is only going to get community service and a fine. After Mike inquired as to why Liam seemed so disappointed, Liam revealed that he was high when the accident occurred.

After Katrina chose not to use the knowledge that Liam had been high when the accident occurred to win her case, Liam was visited again by Mike, who informed him that the deal was done. Liam attempted to thank Mike for his help, but Mike interrupted him to tell him that he has to live with the fact that Liam killed someone. Liam agreed with Mike's statement, and noted that he also has to live with what had happened, and that it made him sick. Before he left, Mike told Liam that he should find a way to make up for Albert's death.


Season 2


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