Live to Fight is the twelfth episode of the fifth season of Suits and the 72nd overall. It first aired on February 3, 2016.


Harvey is back on his home court, with Donna back by his side, but there's no time to get comfortable as Anita Gibbs' next move hits both of them where it hurts. Meanwhile, it's revealed that the Justice Department's investigation into Mike was kicked off by an anonymous tip. Mike and Louis must identify the tipster before Gibbs can, in order to diffuse this damning piece of evidence. And Jessica confronts the fact that Gibbs isn't only interested in Mike Ross - she's set her sights on Harvey and Jessica as well.



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  • It is revealed that the one who snitched on Mike was Sheila Sazs.
    • After being sent an article by the American Business Association regarding Mike Ross' meteoric rise to Junior Partner, Sheila decides to dig through her file room, as she does not remember him. After failing to find a file, she decides to send an anonymous tip via email to the U.S Attorney's Office.
    • When Louis confronts her about her snitching in Boston, she realizes that he was aware of the fraud, and wonders why he would protect such a "lowlife". She then tells Louis to get out, but not before telling him that she won't come forward. However, at the end of the episode, she comes forward and reveals to the Attorney's Office that it was she who wrote the email.
    • Gretchen Bodinski, Harvey's former secretary, is now working as Louis' secretary; she also reveals to a surprised Louis that she knew Norma for the last 30 years, and was well aware of who Louis was, as Norma discussed her hellish work life during their weekly poker games.
      • It is also revealed that Gretchen, believing Harvey was sad that Jack Soloff nominated Mike instead of him, and in order to surprise Harvey, called the ABA and had them do an article about Mike Ross; the very article that found its way to Sheila.
  • Jessica, in an attempt to protect herself, finds Jeff Malone and asks him to be her attorney. Before accepting, he tells her to tell her the truth without the protection of attorney-client privilege. Wanting to rebuilt her trust with Jeff, as well as the fact she did plan to tell him earlier, Jessica confesses, and the two come up with a plan to have Mike destroy the letter Jessica drafted years ago to protect herself from Mike's fraud; however, Mike only agrees to do so if she destroys the affidavit that she had Rachel sign that names Rachel as a co-conspirator to fraud.
    • However, Jeff later decides not to be her attorney anymore, but tells her to build up on their renewed mutual trust once this case is all done and over with.
  • Donna's personal life is revealed a little more - her father, James "Jim" Paulsen, once lost all of their family's money in a gamble, costing them to leave their large family home and live in a small apartment in Hartford, Connecticut. After Donna began working for Harvey, Jim decided to ask Donna to get Harvey to give him a loan of $250,000; when Harvey refused, citing that the numbers didn't add up, Donna decided to allow her father to access her 401K retirement fund. Wanting to protect Donna, Harvey threatened Jim into not accepting her offer, or else he would tie him up in court for 20 years. Jim then inflated his assets illegally, committing bank fraud.


  • This episode received 1.51 million views on its initial broadcast.


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