Lola: This is ground water from Clarity's fracking operation south of Tulsa. It's got elevated levels of dibutoxyethanol, methane, and benzene. This compares samples taken pre-drilling to levels taken last week.
Mike: How did you get that? That's classified company data.
Lola: Let's just say I'm good with computers.

—Lola Jensen and Mike Ross, Identity Crisis

Lola Jensen is the daughter of Jerome Jensen, a wealthy businessman, with whom she has a rocky relationship. She is a biologist at Columbia University and shows exceptional talent in computer hacking.


"I added a layer of protection for you."
"Uh, the Harvard Law School alumni database?"
"It's all there. Your name, class rank, Social Security number."
"You do realize you just made me party to a crime, right?"
"Can always call 'em up, report it as a glitch."
"Let me guess. Untraceable."
"I'm not saying you won't get caught, but it won't be because your story doesn't check."
―Lola Jensen and Mike Ross[src]

When Lola finds out about the dangerous chemicals from her father's fracking operation that are contaminating the water in the areas they were working on and that the settlement for the victims was not enough, she takes matters into her own hands. She uses the identity of assistant controller Mildred Wisnewski of Clarity-Drilling to funnel payments from her father's company to Loxley LLC, a fake company she set up for that purpose, planning on giving the money away to the victims of her father's business decisions.

Given that all she needed was the money for the victims, it became obvious that Lola had stolen from her father's company to get his attention.

In an attempt to get Mike Ross to drop his case against her, Lola looked into Mike and saw that he was not on the Harvard alumni list, and then uses his Social Security number to check. When she finds out that he is not a real lawyer, she blackmails. Later, Mike asks her to help them hack into the bank servers for Harvey Specter's other case.

As a favor, Lola hacks into the Harvard Law School alumni database and puts Mike on it. She is also able to get him a real Harvard Diploma by telling the Dean's office that Mike lost his. After everything was settled, she also claims to be working things out with her father, thanks to Mike. Some time later, also helps Mike become a member of the New York Bar.


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