"I grew up sleeping in my mama's car. And in and out of more halfway houses than I can count. And one thing I realized is that every penny matters."
— Lucille Jackson

Lucille Jackson is the Executive Director of Stable Shelters and a member of the Board of Directors of many of Pearson Hardman's largest clients.


"Lucille Jackson's not just the head of Stable Shelters, okay? She sits on the Board of Directors of several of our largest clients."
Louis Litt to Mike Ross[src]

Lucille Jackson grew up in a low-income environment, sleeping in her mother's car and constantly being shuffled through halfway houses. As an adult, she gained financial success, becoming a member of the Board of Directors of several prolific companies. Lucille is also the head of Stable Shelters, a charitable organization with a mission to provide housing for the needy. Lucille placed $152,375,242.18 in an account at Anthony Mazlo's investment firm, although Mazlo embezzled the money for his own private use.

Lucille hired her attorneys Jessica Pearson and Harvey Specter at Pearson Hardman to handle her lawsuit, with Jessica waiving their customary fee and reimbursing the money Lucille had already paid them. Lucille was given a $20 million offer to settle, but was talked out of it by Harvey, who managed to have all of the stolen money returned to her account.[1]


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