"You want to know what will make me happy? Whatever makes her miserable."
— Madison Price

Madison Price was the daughter of Malcolm Price, the half-sister of Kelsey Price, and a client of Pearson Hardman. She made her sole appearance in "Rules of the Game".


"Her mother got pregnant, and used it to rope in my dad. And then, little Kelsey became the center of his universe."
―Madison Price to Louis Litt[src]

Madison was the first child and daughter of Malcolm Price and his first wife. However, Madison's mother was divorced when Malcolm got another woman pregnant, resulting in the birth of her half-sister, Kelsey. Madison resented Kelsey, blaming her existence for her parents' separation and furious that Malcolm paid much more attention and love to Kelsey than her. At some point in her adult life, she built a rapport with Louis Litt, who did contract work for her.

Following Malcolm's death, Pearson Hardman was tasked with dividing his assets between the two Price sisters fairly. Madison requested Louis personally, stating that all she wanted was to make Kelsey miserable, and thus wished to acquire and sell off "Nothing But The Truth", the tabloid newspaper Kelsey and Malcolm worked on. While Kelsey managed to gain ownership of the tabloid in the end, she overpaid for it significantly due to Louis' actions, with the latter stating that it would flounder due to its debts.[1]


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