Marcus Specter is Harvey's younger brother who suffers from a gambling addiction.


  • Harvey got involved with Charles Forstman due to Marcus asking for money for his second chance, a restaurant. As of "Not Just a Pretty Face", he doesn't know that the money had been dirty.
  • He appears in flashback in "Faith" when Harvey is telling his therapist about his parents. He blamed Harvey for destroying their family.
  • He appears in "The Painting" at his father's funeral in flashback and has the first appearance in the present. He threatened Harvey after admitting that Lily was there and would say a few words. He tells Harvey that it was time to let it go.
  • After Harvey approached him in the present, he invited him to stay at Marcus' home with his family.


  • Marcus' phone number is 617-665-0138.
  • He has a daughter who likes Pinkalicious.
  • Marcus had been sick where he needed chemo twice in his life: once when Harvey was younger and once when Harvey wasn't speaking to his mother.



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