"I built this company from the ground up. And everybody that started with me is still here."
"And I know why. You don't downsize in the bad times, they stick with you in the good times.

Avery McKernon and Harvey Specter

McKernon Motors is an American sports car manufacturer based in New York, whose factory is located on 19 West 57th Street. Founded by Avery McKernon, the company specialized in producing Formula One cars. It has an annual turnover of over $150 million.


"McKernon's engines and his company have something in common. They win. Like me."
Harvey Specter to Mike Ross[src]

After senior partner Fairchild dies, Louis Litt came up with the idea to team up with Harvey Specter to convince Daniel Hardman to promote the pair of them from senior associates to junior partners rather than promote an existing junior partner to senior partner. Hardman agreed to promote one of them, providing they were able to sign McKernon Motors as a client. Knowing that Avery McKernon valued loyalty, Harvey convinced Avery that he would always be loyal to him and his company, and signed them as his client under the condition he would represent them at an upcoming hearing. However, Hardman informed him that their competitor, Fletcher Engines, wanted to be their client instead, and demanded that Harvey drop McKernon. When Harvey refused, Louis stole Harvey's gameplan for the hearing and gave it to Fletcher, securing his promotion. Despite his loss, Harvey was officially hired as McKernon's attorney.[1]

Following Avery's death in 2011, interim CEO Robert Stensland planned to sell the ground underneath the factory for $200 million and move manufacturing overseas assuming that the real asset of McKernon Motors was its name. However, Harvey strongly opposed this idea, because as he said, the real asset is the quality, which would not stay at the same level if manufacturing moved overseas. With the help of Mike Ross and Dominic Barone he convinced a rich businessman Laurence to buy the company for $250 million. Board of directions agreed to this offer, so the flagship factory stayed in New York, remaining high quality and workers' jobs. Stensland was then discharged.[2]

Notable Employees


  • Harvey informs Mike that he wrote the bylaws for McKernon Motors when he was an associate, when he was two years younger than Mike.[2] However, Mike was 29-30 at the time, whereas Harvey was over 30 when he had signed them on as a client.
  • According to Harvey, by 2011, he had spent a decade shaping McKernon Motors' vision alongside Avery McKernon. However, this does not hold up with the series' established timeline, as he would have been their attorney for half a decade at the most by the time of Avery's death.


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