Monica Eton is a former senior associate at Pearson Hardman. During her time there, she befriendd Rachel Zane, but was also sexually harassed by Louis Litt, who had a crush on her. After her extramarital affair with Daniel Hardman was revealed in 2007, Jessica Pearson fired her. She works as merchant in Park Avenue boutique.

Five years later, as a ploy to rid Hardman of some of the support he had at the firm, Harvey told Mike Ross to approach Monica and convince her to file a sexual harassment suit against Hardman. Harvey later revealed that he had set up the meeting with Monica at Louis' usual Thursday lunch restaurant to see if Louis would inform Hardman.[1]

Hardman then took Mike's suit, which was intended solely to relieve Hardman of some of his support, and officially filed it word-for-word as a gender discrimination suit against Jessica as well as a sexual harassment suit against Louis.


  • It is exceedingly odd that a Harvard-educated lawyer would be working as a retail merchant at a boutique, even after getting fired. However, it is possible that Jessica refused to write a letter of recommendation and thus made her look undesirable to other law firms.


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