"Louis, it was just a dream."
"Just a dream? It was a goddamn mudmare.

Dr. Stan Lipschitz and Louis Litt

Mudmare is the third episode of the seventh season of Suits and the 95th overall. It first aired on July 26, 2017.


Louis and Harvey struggle with new firm dynamics; Mike gains new business; Rachel's leadership is challenged by an associate.


Louis has a nightmare about taking a mudbath with Harvey in the other tub, only to have Alex join them and claim that he and Harvey take a mudbath all the time. After a discussion with his therapist, Louis agrees to try and be friends with Alex rather than possibly lose Harvey as a friend, but it seems to backfire. Rachel deals with a fourth-year associate who repeatedly hands off menial procedural work to first-year employees. When Rachel confronts her, Donna steps in, undermining Rachel's authority in front of all the other associates. After an argument, both Rachel and Donna admit they have a lot to learn about their new positions in the company. Rachel concedes she needs to focus on becoming a great lawyer more than being a supervisor. Mike takes a pro bono case concerning the wrongful death of a prisoner, only to find out there's a conflict of interest because the parent company that built and runs the prison is one of Alex's clients. Mike hands off the case to Oliver, who reluctantly takes it after Mike tells him how the incident hits close to home. Elsewhere, Harvey's relationship with Dr. Agard hits a snag.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Nitya Vidyasagar as Stephanie Patel
  • Derwin Phillips as Tom
  • Fiona Highet as Ms. Snyder
  • Darrin Baker as Chase
  • Dimitri Vantis as Drew

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