Palermo: Court finds a reasonable suit here. Trial starts tomorrow.
Tony: Thank you, Your Honor.
Harvey: You're getting a good kick out of this, aren't you?
Palermo: I am. But I'm taking this on its merits. And you better bring your "A" game tomorrow, 'cause he's got a legitimate claim.

—Nicholas Palermo, Tony Santana and Harvey Specter, Bail Out

Hon. Nicholas Palermo is a New York City judge who presided over Tony Santana's lawsuit against Ray Benghazi and Harvey Specter, as well as the State of New York's case against Liam Colson.


"Donna, call the court. We need priority status on the docket."
"Yeah, I already tried. You drew Judge Palermo."
Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen[src]

Following Tony Santana's lawsuit against Ray Benghazi and Harvey Specter, Palermo was assigned to preside over the case. In order to get the docket moved up, Harvey enlisted a favor from Louis Litt. During the meeting, Tony convinced Palermo that he had a legitimate claim. Although Palermo admitted he enjoyed seeing Tony go against Harvey, he was impartial to take the case on its merits and treated both parties equally. The case was then settled after Harvey got Tony to admit his wrongdoings in court.[1]

The following year, Palermo was assigned to the case between the State of New York, represented by Assistant District Attorney Katrina Bennett, and Liam Colson, represented by Mike Ross. Katrina informed Palermo that Liam had entered into a plea agreement with the state, which Palermo verified before closing the case.[2]


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