"Rinaldi didn't kill my parents, but he did try to tell me what their lives were worth."
Mike Ross

Nick Rinaldi is the lawyer that represented Mr. Fenton, the drunk driver who killed Mike Ross' parents in 1992.


"What about your case from 1992? Driver plows into a car after drinking about 1,000 Jack and Cokes, killing a happily married couple? James and Nina Ross?"
"I'm afraid I have no recollection of that."
"Oh, yeah? Let me ring a bell for you, then. Two days later, you walk into their living room. You find their little boy and his grandmother just sitting there. And then you stick it to them! They hadn't even had time to hold a wake yet! Are you still gonna deny it?"
"I didn't deny it. I just have no recollection of it because I did it so many times. I'm sorry."
Mike Ross and Nick Rinaldi[src]

In 1992, Rinaldi represented Fenton, a drunk driver who had killed James and Nina Ross. Before Edith Ross had time to have a wake for her dead son and daughter-in-law, Rinaldi was sent to settle the case with Edith. When Mike Ross was much older, he discovered that they had a legal case on their hands and that Rinaldi had rushed to settle it with Edith, informing her how much the lives of James and Nina were worth. This prompted Mike to become a lawyer when he became an adult, and resented Rinaldi ever since.[1]

Twenty years later, Mike paid a visit to Rinaldi, where he lashed out at Rinaldi for his actions. Rinaldi apologized, claiming he did not remember James or Nina as he had settled such cases many times in his career, adding that he did not take such cases anymore. Before leaving, Mike informed him that should they meet again, he would do well to remember James and Nina's names.[2]


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