Mike: You thinking about Gabby?
Harvey: I'm thinking about her lawyer.
Mike: What?
Harvey: Knowing what she said, why would that Zegan guy agree to a deal that puts his client behind bars without even putting up a fight? I can't stand that kind of shoddy work.
Mike: It's like the bad version of both of us. He doesn't care about his client and he's not about winning.
Harvey: He's got even less style than you.

Mike Ross and Harvey Specter, Tricks of the Trade

Nick Zegan is an attorney who "represented" Gabby Stone under Burt Kimball's request.


"You represented Burt Kimball in a civil suit 12 years ago. It just so happens you also represented Lunardi Pharmaceuticals in their FDA approval proceedings."
"That doesn't mean anything."
"You've seen my relationship with the DOJ. Want me to point them in your direction? Or do you want to admit to me that Burt Kimball's paying you off?"
Harvey Specter and Nick Zegan[src]

Nick Zegan represented Burt Kimball in a civil case in 1999, causing the duo to form a partnership. Over the years, Zegan provided Kimball with insider information, which Kimball administered on illegal tip sheets for his traders to use. After one such trade, bought by Gabby Stone, was flagged by the DOJ, Kimball had Zegan represent Gabby in order to ensure that she would bear the brunt of the responsibility. However, Harvey Specter was able to discern the connection and threatened Zegan with revealing the truth under threat of federal investigation.[1]


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