Nikki Sordel is an old friend of Jenny and was Mike's first customer in his LSAT business.


Nikki and her roommate, Jenny, met Mike and Trevor while partying in a bar one night. They approach them and exchange quick remarks, eventually bonding over drinks, with Jenny and Mike immediately hitting it off. Trevor tells the girls about Mike's intelligence and, after proving to them his photographic memory, Nikki takes Jenny away from Mike. Later, Trevor asks her out, but she tells him that she wants Mike's number, so he gives it to her and asks Jenny out, instead.

On their first date, Nikki finally comes clean and tells Mike her real intentions. She offers to pay him to take the LSATs for her. Mike initially declines, but after realizing he needs the money for his grandmother, he goes to Nikki's workplace and agrees, increasing his price to $5000. She is later nervous and skeptical when Mike shows up at the test center stoned, but when he comes through, she recommends him to three of her friends.


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