"You mean you're here to get more pills. [...] I'm a psychiatrist, not a pharmacy, and if you want my help, you do it my way. You make regular appointments, and you commit to doing the work."
Paula Agard to Harvey Specter

No Refills is the third episode of the fifth season of Suits and the 63rd overall. It first aired on July 8, 2015.


Mike teams up with his future father-in-law after Jessica says no to his case. Meanwhile, Harvey uses Charles Barkley to retaliate against Jack Soloff, but the fight and another confrontation with Donna triggers another anxiety attack.


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  • Harvey uses Charles Barkley to steal Jack Soloff's clients after Jack refuses to make peace with Harvey.
  • Harvey resumes his therapy with Dr. Paula Agard.
  • Jessica Pearson informs Robert Zane that he must treat Mike Ross like a partner rather than an associate for their case; while Robert accepts, he informs Mike later that he lied and has no intention to do so. However, Mike is able to convince the judge to grant an expedited trial, causing Robert to treat Mike as a partner.

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Jessica: On this particular case, all I give a shit about is keeping you in check. Which means, for the duration of this matter, you will be treating Mike Ross like a partner.
Robert: Oh, you gotta be kidding me. That boy barely shaves.
Jessica: I don't care if he's still in diapers. He's representing my firm, which means he's representing me. You look at him, you see me.
Robert: You're asking for a hell of a lot.
Jessica: Then take your wingtips off my table and walk 'em out the door, because this is my case and you either do it my way or you don't do it at all.
Robert: ...I love you.
Robert: [to Mike] Where the hell were you? I'm standing up here with my dick in my hand, and you're out having a soda.


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