Harvey: Do you know how we won World War II? [...] Eisenhower had 156,000 men for eight possible invasion points. Which means...
Mike: 19,500 men per point.
Harvey: Otherwise known as nothing.
Mike: He had to put everything that he had into one attack. Normandy.
Harvey: So the question is, where the hell is our Normandy?

Harvey Specter and Mike Ross

Normandy is the fifteenth episode of the second season of Suits and the 27th overall. It first aired on February 14, 2013.


Harvey and Mike's attempts to build a case against Folsom Foods are held back by burgeoning financial issues at Pearson Hardman, and the return of Dana Scott serves only to further complicate the issue. Whilst Harvey and Dana attempt to stay one step ahead of Hardman, and deal with the arrival of Dana's boss Edward Darby, Mike finds himself one step behind Katrina, who seems intent upon proving herself his superior. With the assistance of Rachel, Mike eventually manages to beat Katrina at her own game, giving Harvey the leverage he needs to defeat Hardman. His success in the case, however, has more far-reaching consequences, as Jessica moves to merge with Edward, and finally get her revenge upon Daniel.


Harvey Specter and Mike Ross are watching an advertisement featuring Hanley Folsom, the CEO of Folsom Foods, in which he states his objections to the recent gender discrimination allegations that his company is facing. Harvey pauses the video, and asks Mike to find something that will incriminate Hanley. Mike responds that he has already looked and cannot find anything, but Harvey persists, and requests that he do whatever it takes to catch Folsom out. Mike informs his superior that his request to hire an investigator was denied, but Harvey encourages Mike to "do it anyway", and that he will "take care of it".

Harvey enters Jessica Pearson's office, and states that they need to discuss the distribution of resources. Jessica agrees, informing Harvey that she has heard that several clients haven't had their calls returned. Harvey reminds her that due to Daniel Hardman's actions, they have seven cases which need immediate attention, at the expense of the others, but Jessica states that they cannot simply give up on their other clients. Harvey replies that he will deal with the situation, but requests additional resources to continue their fight. Jessica replies that they do not have the available funds to cover the additional resources, after the hit they took from settling with Monica Eton. Harvey suggests she use their line of credit with the bank, but Jessica informs him that she has already tried, and that the line is gone. Harvey is shocked at her statement, and asks Jessica how she proposes he continue fighting their cases.

Mike is working with Rachel Zane in the Pearson Hardman library on the Folsom Foods case. He requests some documents from her, but she is daydreaming and doesn't hear him. He eventually gets her attention, and asks her what she is doing. Rachel replies that she is working, but after looking at her computer, Mike discovers that she is actually looking at a map of Boston, perusing possible locations for where she could live when she attends Harvard. Mike becomes annoyed when he discovers she has been procrastinating for the past 45 minutes, but Rachel counters by saying that she is not good at waiting. Mike consoles her that she did everything she could to get into Harvard, before being called away by Harvey. He informs Mike that Jessica has approved the resources they need, but only on one case. Mike objects, stating that they have to fight every case, but Harvey cautions his associate that rather than fighting every case, they will put everything into one attack. He asks Mike what would be the best case to choose, to which Mike immediately replies Bakersfield, as it has the "lowest percentage of female promotions" but the "highest percentage of female applicants", and is run by Hanley Folsom's brother-in-law.

Donna Paulsen enters Harvey's office, and presents him with a coffee. Harvey states that he doesn't require any coffee, but Donna suggests otherwise, before fussing with his suit. Harvey attempts to dissuade her, stating that he is only meeting with clients, but Donna informs him that there has been a slight change of plans, adding that he "will understand when [he] get[s] there". She begins to tidy Harvey's hair, and after some hesitation, he allows her to do so.

Harvey enters the conference room, only to find Dana Scott waiting for him there. He asks her how married life is, but she informs him that she never got married. Harvey looks at her suggestively, but she brushes off his implication that it was because of him. She informs him that she has come to see him about Bakersfield, but Harvey states that he will not let her steal his clients. Dana reveals that she and her firm already have, stating that "Bakersfield is everything", and suggests Harvey allow her to do so or she will take more of his clients. Harvey implies that her being there is personal, but Dana denies his accusation, saying that it is "just business". Harvey is unconvinced, and bluntly refuses Dana's request.

Harvey informs Jessica of Dana's actions, and reveals that it is her intention to take ten more of their clients. Jessica voices her admiration of Dana, and reveals that she had considered hiring Dana in the past, as "she was the best on paper", but chose to hire Harvey instead. Harvey states that he intends to turn their financial troubles into a strength, suggesting that they join forces with Dana's firm who can help them fund their assault. Jessica is skeptical, and points out that joining forces will mean sharing all 45 cases, rather than giving up 10. Harvey counters that since Dana's firm is based in London, Pearson Hardman will be the ones running point. Jessica is still not convinced, since it would mean giving up a share of the winnings, but Harvey responds that joining forces is the best way to defeat Hardman. Jessica agrees, but cautions Harvey as he leaves that he had better not lose.

Mike enters the conference room with a box of files, only to find Katrina Bennett already there. As he approaches her, she begins to divide the work between the two of them, but Mike promptly interrupts her. Katrina continues, stating that they don't have all day to work on the Bakersfield case. Mike replies that he didn't realize she was on the Bakersfield case, but Katrina simply responds that she is, before ordering Mike to start working. Mike stops her again, stating that he is the lead on the case, and they will not be working on what Katrina is proposing until they have some up-to-date statistics to show Harvey. Katrina proceeds to list the relevant statistics, which she states she checked with a statistician. Mike informs her that the statistician is wrong, stating that he did not make the necessary adjustments; Katrina begins to state the adjusted figure, only for Mike to interrupt her and state the figure himself. Katrina asks him how he knew the relevant figure, to which Mike replies that he "did it in [his] head". He reiterates that he is the lead on the case, but Katrina is undeterred, and tells Mike that using the original figure "skews the results in [their] favor". Mike sarcastically voices his shock that Katrina wishes to sacrifice their credibility by skewing the results, stating again that they will not do so. Katrina attempts to pull rank, but Mike counters that he works for Harvey. Katrina informs Mike that Jessica was the one that put her on the case, and that if he has a problem, he should "go talk to her".

Mike finds Harvey, and informs him that he doesn't want to work with Katrina, stating that she "acts like everything is her idea". Harvey reveals that he has a similar problem, as he doesn't want to work with Dana. Mike voices his surprise that they are working with Dana, though Harvey informs him that only he is working with Dana, revealing that she stole Bakersfield from them. Mike becomes nervous, and extending Harvey's metaphor that Bakersfield is akin to the Battle of Normandy, states that they will "lose World War II".

Dana is waiting for Harvey in his office, when Donna enters, asking her if she wants something to drink. Dana politely refuses, to which Donna voices her distrust of "a woman who wants nothing." Dana counters Donna's statement by asking "who said [she] want[s] nothing", but Donna replies that no-one has ever said that about her. Dana asks what they have said, specifically what Donna has said about her. Donna questions whether her opinion matters to Dana, who responds that her opinion matters to Harvey. Donna replies that she has "only ever said good things about" her, but Dana asks her what she has thought. Donna avoids the question, telling Dana not to screw with Harvey, to which Dana asks "don't screw with him, or don't screw him?" Their discussion is interrupted when Harvey enters his office, and Donna uses his arrival as an excuse to leave. Dana asks Harvey whether he is going to take her up on her offer, or if he intends to fight her, but Harvey asks her what she thinks. Dana responds that she thinks he wishes for them to try the cases together, with her firm providing the necessary financing. Harvey states that she always wanted them to try the cases together, a fact which Dana confirms. She states that they will begin with Bakersfield, but Harvey asks her why she couldn't have just directly told him what she wanted. Dana replies that Harvey doesn't "respond to the direct approach", and that he likes to "feel [he] can come to things on [his] own". Harvey informs Dana that they will not be starting with Bakersfield, despite it being the clear choice, and instead they will be going to Parkville. Dana points out that Parkville is the one division with a female manager, and the highest ratio of women executives, but Harvey states that they will be starting there because it is the "one division where Hardman will never think to find [them]". Dana states that Parkville is the "dumbest place to start, and the hardest place to win", but Harvey replies that after they win at Parkville, "all the others will surrender". Dana is unsurprised Harvey wishes to take the difficult approach, to which Harvey states his own lack of surprise that Dana is looking for the shortcut. Dana asks Harvey why he is so sure Hardman won't find out they aren't going to Bakersfield, but Harvey replies that they will create the illusion they are. Dana states his plan is not worthy of her firms money, and if he really wants to overwhelm Hardman, they should go to all 45 cities. Harvey smiles at her statement, and Dana realizes that that had been Harvey's plan all along.

Mike returns to the conference room, and apologizes to Katrina for his previous actions, stating that she should take the lead on Bakersfield. Katrina asks Mike what he will be working on, but he simply replies that he has "other things". Jessica interrupts the two of them, and states that there have been a change of plans. Mike informs her that he is aware of the changes, but Jessica informs him that she isn't talking about Parkville, and instead that she will be deposing Hanley Folsom, and needs to "know more about him than his mistress does" before he arrives. Katrina questions whether Folsom actually has a mistress; Jessica states that it would help their case if he did, but adds that Katrina should already know if it is true since she asked to be on the case, before leaving. Mike immediately confronts Katrina over her lying to him about Jessica assigning her to the case; Katrina counters that she asked to be on the case, and then Jessica assigned her. Mike accuses Katrina of deliberately attempting to conceal the truth from him, but Katrina states that he did the same by not specifically informing her that the focus of their case had moved. She reveals she doesn't have a problem with what Mike did, but suggests Mike has a problem with her; Mike informs her that he has a problem with how she got her job at Pearson Hardman, to which Katrina replies that her problem with Mike is also how she got her job at Pearson Hardman. Mike is unsure what she is referring to, and Katrina clarifies that she initially felt she had received the offer on merit, but after Mike "showed up offering to break privilege", she realized that Harvey was hiring her to protect Mike. Mike points out to Katrina that even after she knew the truth, she still took the job, but Katrina reveals that she did so because she had already handed in her notice, urging Mike to "stop taking everything so personally".

Dana is flying with Harvey on her firm's private jet, and she proceeds to mock that Pearson Hardman does not have a jet of their own. Harvey casually brushes off her slight, pointing out that it is "hard to park them in Manhattan". Dana continues taunting Harvey, referring to the fact they only have one office in one city, but Harvey defends him firm by pointing out they have one office in the city. Dana looks at Harvey playfully, and he correctly guesses that she has realized there are certain advantages to working together. She starts to undo the buttons on Harvey's jacket, and after some initial hesitation due to his wish to keep things professional between them, Harvey acquiesces and proceeds to undo Dana's dress. He pauses however, when he realizes they have yet to decide who will take the lead on the deposition, but Dana grabs Harvey and pushes him onto the couch, and suggests they play rock-paper-scissors to decide. Harvey, however, suggests another way to decide, based upon their current situation. Dana asks how they will know who won, to which Harvey pushes Dana onto the couch much as she had done, and proceeds to kiss her, stating that they will know.

Rachel is in her office, reading a letter with a dejected look on her face. Donna enters, and upon seeing the look on Rachel's face, asks her what is wrong. Rachel doesn't reply, but Donna looks down and sees that her letter is from Harvard, and realizes she didn't get in. Rachel informs Donna she doesn't wish to talk about it, when Mike enters asking for her help. Rachel takes a second to compose herself, before informing Mike that she is "ready to work". Donna offers her assistance to Rachel in dealing with her situation if she needs it, before excusing herself. Mike relays to Rachel his frustration in dealing with Katrina, before asking Rachel what she feels is Hanley Folsom's personal opinion on hiring women. Rachel states she feels he doesn't believe they are good enough, but points out that he would never admit as such. Mike agrees with Rachel that he would never say as such at work, and reveals he needs access to Hanley's personal correspondence. Rachel states that it is outside the scope of their investigation, but Mike states that he has 62 boxes of documents to find a way to put in within the scope, and only 12 hours in which to find it. Rachel readily agrees to assist him as a distraction from her current predicament, and the two of them leave.

Dana and Harvey arrive at the Folsom Foods factory in Parkville, arguing over whether Harvey allowed Dana to win their competition. Harvey suggests he did, but Dana counters that he has "never let anyone win anything [his] whole life". Harvey does not disagree with her, and merely states that he can now demand a rematch. Their discussion is interrupted by the arrival of Hardman, who sarcastically professes his surprise at finding the two of them at Parkville. Harvey quickly recovers to offer his own sarcastic welcome to Hardman, to which Daniel states that he very nearly didn't make it, as he had intended to fly to Bakersfield, where Harvey was scheduled to fly, only to discover that Dana was flying to Parkville. Dana reveals to Hardman that they have sent people to all the other cities as well, and quickly brushes off his supposed pleasure at meeting her. Hardman directs them to the deposition, but Harvey excuses himself as he receives a call from Mike, who reveals that he knows why they promoted Cathleen Mitchell, the manager at the Parkville factory.

Dana takes the lead in the deposition of Cathleen Mitchell, and questions her on Folsom Foods' hiring policy, and their unwillingness to promote women into positions of power. Cathleen retorts that the policy is to hire the best applicant, and that she herself is in a position of power. Harvey interrupts her, however, stating that she is "not exactly like other women". Dana questions Harvey on his approach, but Harvey continues, noting that Cathleen applied multiple times for a management position, but was repeatedly rejected for being too "aggressive, hostile, and overly-ambitious", and then suddenly, she was "dedicated, hard-working, and a team-player". Hardman interrupts Harvey's statement to note that people change, and that "the last [he] checked, you have to ask a question". Harvey takes Hardman's prompt, and asks Cathleen whether she was previously diagnosed with uterine cancer. Hardman queries the relevance of Harvey's question, but Harvey continues, asking Cathleen about her marriage status, and the possibility of her having children, to which Cathleen replies no. Hardman again berates Harvey for his line of questioning, but Harvey counters by mentioning Hardman's previous deposition of Jessica, and directly asks Cathleen whether she "[had] a hysterectomy that rendered [her] unable to have children, nine months before [she was] promoted". Hardman states that his client will not answer Harvey's question, but Harvey is undeterred, stating that it will become part of the record that "Hanley Folsom only promotes women whose attention to home and family isn't in question". Cathleen interrupts Harvey to inform him that Folsom was unaware of her circumstances, but Harvey questions whether that was truly the case. Cathleen reiterates her statement once again, stating that it was her business only, but Harvey states that Folsom found out, and that was the reason she was promoted. Dana warns Harvey that he has gone far enough, and Hardman notes that "even Ms. Scott understands that being childless and unmarried doesn't make you damaged goods", and sarcastically wishes him good luck on the rest of the cases.

Leaving the factory, Dana chastises Harvey for not informing her of the fact Cathleen had had a hysterectomy, but Harvey defends himself by saying that he only learnt it himself just before entering the room. Dana asks again why he could not have taken the time to fill her in, but Harvey responds that he didn't tell her because he "wasn't sure [she] could play good cop", but Dana suggests instead that it was because Harvey still wanted to win, even though they are on the same side. Harvey defends himself again, noting that Dana's anger at him will help her to establish a rapport with Cathleen, but Dana is still unconvinced and storms away angrily. Harvey follows her, and suggests that she is the one still trying to win, admonishing himself for not having realized sooner that there was something else. He requests Dana tell him the whole story, and she responds that since he beat her last time, her boss hasn't thought her worthy of being a named partner, and that if she delivers a huge win, she "get[s] [her] name on the door". Harvey asks Dana why she wasn't truthful with him sooner, and she informs Harvey that he "respond[s] to strength, not weakness". Harvey commends Dana for fooling him, and playfully tells her that if he had known she was that good of a performer, he would have "let [her] be bad cop".

Rachel is in the Pearson Hardman library going through several boxes of documents for Jessica's deposition of Hanley Folsom, but is distracted by her rejection letter from Harvard. She hurriedly hides the letter as Mike approaches her, and presents to him the work he requested from her. Mike goes to pick up the information, before realizing that the information from several boxes is missing. He points out to Rachel that the boxes are only several feet away, admonishing her for her lack of focus, when Jessica enters and asks Mike for his work. Mike informs Jessica that he has most of the work finished, but Jessica is less than impressed, stating that "if [she] can't count on [him] for the effort, how the hell [is she] supposed to count on [him] for the results". Rachel begins to speak out, but Mike interrupts her to accept the blame, promising Jessica that he will get the work finished. Jessica informs him, however, that it is too late, and that she will have to call Hardman to postpone the deposition until the next day, before storming off. Rachel tearfully attempts to apologize to Mike, but he cuts her off before she can finish, and asks her to get the work finished, before leaving.

Acting on Mike's request, Rachel continues working through the documents in front of her, when she is approached by Katrina, who promptly introduces herself. Rachel accepts her introduction, but informs Katrina that she is already aware who she is. Katrina tells Rachel that she heard from Louis that she is the "best paralegal around", a compliment Rachel somewhat rigidly accepts, before asking her to make forty copies of every document in a box she is carrying. Katrina begins to leave, but Rachel calls her back, and apologizes that she cannot carry out the tasks Katrina has requested, as she is too busy with her current work. Katrina asks Rachel what she is working on, and she replies that she is trying to "find a door into Folsom's personal correspondence" for Mike. Katrina is skeptical that she will find anything, but tells Rachel that Jessica asked her to do something, and she didn't tell her she was to busy to do it. Rachel replies that her work is also for Jessica, but Katrina counters that Mike asked for the information, not Jessica. Katrina informs Rachel that she is aware she took the LSATs, but that she is not yet a lawyer, she is paralegal, and should do her job by helping her.

Rachel begrudgingly agrees to assist Katrina, and begins photocopying the documents as requested. Louis approaches her, and asks Rachel to pause what she is doing, but she refuses, stating that she is "busy doing [her] job". Louis voices his surprise at her response, but Rachel is unfazed, asking whether he is going to "fire [her] like [he] fired Harold", stating that she couldn't care either way. After thinking for a second, Louis starts laughing, stating that he knows "about the Harvard thing" and thinks it is great. Rachel, believing Louis is talking about her rejection letter, is left stunned, but Louis subsequently reveals he is unaware she was rejected, stating that he has "100% faith in [her]". Rachel tearfully reveals to Louis that she didn't get in, adding that she doesn't know why, when everything, including her interview with Sheila Sazs, went okay. Upon learning that Sheila was the person that interviewed her, Louis informs Rachel that he believes she was wronged, and that he will rectify the situation.

Arriving back at Pearson Hardman, Harvey and Dana are met by Donna as they walk to Harvey's office. Donna suggests that their trip went well, to which Harvey states otherwise, although Dana confirms that "the plane ride was fun". As the two of them enter Harvey's office, Donna informs them that Jessica has asked to see the both of them. Dana questions why Jessica would want to see her, to which Donna clarifies that it is actually her boss that wants to see her.

Jessica is talking with Dana's boss, Edward Darby, in her office, when Dana and Harvey enter. Edward introduces himself to Harvey, who sarcastically states to Dana that Edward "doesn't seem stodgy at all". Jessica informs Harvey and Dana that Edward stopped by to assess the state of his investment, and asks the two of them how the case is going; Harvey responds that they are right on schedule, and after Jessica and Edward look slightly skeptical, Dana confirms that they have "dropped a grenade, [they're] just waiting for it to go off". Edward takes from Dana's response that the "grenade" hasn't yet gone off, but Dana defends herself by pointing out that "Rome wasn't built in a day". Edward sarcastically states that if that is the case, he needn't have "crossed the pond", to which Harvey points out that he did anyway. After a slight hesitation, Edward informs Harvey and Dana that he had an ulterior motive in their "little venture", regarding Hardman. Edward states that he has had the "distinct displeasure", and Jessica informs them that, with Edward's assistance, she has stepped up their attack on Daniel. Harvey is impressed after reading over the proposal Jessica hands him, but Edward merely states it "was the least [he] could do". He then takes his leave, stating to Dana and Harvey that he will be "waiting for that detonation", noting to Dana in particular that he trusts it will happen.

Upon Rachel's request, Mike goes to see her in her office. Rachel begins to apologize for her earlier behavior, but Mike cuts her off before she can, and informs that he over-reacted. Rachel accepts Mike's offer, and instead informs him that she found what he needs to access Hanley Folsom's personal correspondence. Mike is delighted to hear it, stating that it "couldn't have come at a better time". Rachel informs him that she would have gotten it to him sooner, but she had a job to do for Katrina first. Mike asks Rachel why she didn't tell Katrina she was working for him, to which Rachel states that she did, and Mike realizes that Katrina did to Rachel what she did to him before. Opening the document Rachel have him, Mike asks what she found, and Rachel replies that what she found is enough for him to write a motion.

Walking back to his office with Dana, Harvey comments to her that Edward seemed nice, but Dana retorts that he was actually annoyed. Harvey is left surprise, sarcastically asking her what "happy look[s] like", to which Dana responds "he's British, pretty much the same thing". Harvey asks her seriously how she knew Edward was annoyed, and Dana questions whether Harvey wouldn't be annoyed too given the state of their case. Harvey states that he is annoyed since they still haven't convinced Cathleen Mitchell to help them, adding that Dana's good cop failed, but Dana counters that it is Harvey's move that failed. Dana states to Harvey that Jessica seemed to take their news well, but Harvey responds that it was only because she had company, and that he will "hear about it later". Harvey asks Dana whether Edward has a habit of suddenly visiting; Dana responds that Edward has £12 million invested in their case, but Harvey suggests to her that she wasn't expecting him to visit. Dana confirms Harvey's statement, but adds that it is a big investment for him; Harvey counters that for Edward, it is only money, but for him, it is his whole firm. Katrina enters to interrupt their conversation, and asks to speak to Harvey.

Harvey goes to see Mike at his cubicle, but before he can say anything, Mike informs his superior that he has found a way to get them access to Hanley Folsom's personal correspondence. However, Harvey recites the exact evidence that Mike has found, informing him that Katrina already gave him the subpoena. Mike is left dumbstruck, and Harvey states that "it's a good thing Jessica put her on the case after all". As Harvey leaves, Mike angrily screws up the document he had intended to give to him.

Mike storms into Katrina's office, and slamming a document onto her desk, informs her that he takes it personally when people steal from him. Katrina glances down at the document and asks Mike whether he is subpoenaing her, but Mike states that she diverted Rachel, and then pursued his idea herself. Katrina questions whether it was his idea, but Mike responds by asking whether she is denying his allegation. Katrina defends herself by pointing out that Mike stated they "needed to fly", so she "built an aeroplane". Mike is still incensed, stating that she "flew" he aeroplane right into Harvey's office just in time to take credit. Katrina notes that she offered Mike a chance to work together, but he refused her offer. Mike turns to leave, stating as he does that Katrina has "always got an answer", but Katrina counters that Mike has "always got an accusation", and suggests he get to work preparing for Jessica's deposition of Folsom.

Louis angrily confronts Sheila at her hotel room; opening the door, Sheila voices her surprise at seeing Louis there, asking him where her interviewee is. Louis informs her that he dismissed him, which Sheila states as being unacceptable. Storming into Sheila's hotel, Louis states that she is the one that is unacceptable, and that she has behaved unprofessionally. Sheila denies Louis' accusations, stating that she never behaves unprofessionally. Louis is unconvinced, noting Sheila's unconventional requests during their previous sexual encounters. Sheila counters that those instances were personal, but Louis replies that she "let the personal, colour the professional", and that Rachel "will not be a casualty of [Sheila's] misplaced anger". Sheila is offended at Louis' use of the phrase "misplaced anger", stating that he made her look like a fool. Louis counters that he was the one made to look a fool, and that Sheila was merely collateral damage, which wasn't his fault, and certainly not Rachel's fault. Sheila sarcastically asks Louis whether he is there to be Rachel's "knight in shining armour", but Louis replies that he is there to right a wrong. Sheila's attitude softens, noting that Louis' action is very noble. After a slight pause, Louis agrees that it is, adding that Sheila is going to undo what she has done. Sheila, however, undoes her blouse, and when Louis informs her that that isn't what he meant, Sheila replies that "it's what [he's] caused". Louis steps closer to Sheila, informing her that he will not be denied, but after some flirting from Sheila, he grabs her and takes her into her bedroom, shutting the doors behind him.

Mike storms into Rachel's office, and tells her that they need to get to the evidence in Hanley Folsom's correspondence before Katrina, but Rachel informs Mike that Katrina has already found the evidence, leaving him exasperated. She continues that Katrina gave the evidence to Missy Dietler to make copies, and Jessica likely already has it, but this gives Mike an idea, noting that Missy will take numerous coffee breaks before finishing the job, and the evidence is probably still waiting to be copied. Rachel questions whether Missy would leave the evidence in the copy machine, which Mike admits is true, but adds that she has probably already scanned it into the machine, and that they simply need her code. Rachel is not convinced, stating in hushed tones that Mike is "talking about stealing someone's work", but Mike points out to Rachel that Katrina already lied to her, stole their work, and made them both look like fools. He adds that, in the end, they are all the same team, and that the faster the work gets done the better for everyone. Rachel asks Mike whether he is sure he wants to continue what he has suggested, and after Mike readily agrees, she undoes the top button of her blouse. Mike questions what Rachel is doing, and she informs him that she can easily get Missy's code by flirting with Manningham, one of the IT employees. Mike is unconvinced that Rachel's plan will work in time, stating that they "need a sure thing", but Rachel flirtatiously whispers in his ear that she is a sure thing. Mike is left dazed for several seconds, and when he finally regains his senses, agrees to let Rachel proceed with her plan.

Back at Sheila's hotel room, Louis and Sheila compliment one another on their sexual encounter. Sheila playfully calls Louis "a knight", to which Louis responds rather more seriously that "it is time to right what is wrong". When Sheila doesn't respond, Louis continues that whilst he is flattered by her actions, what she did isn't fair and cannot stand. Taking a more serious tone, Sheila asks Louis to pull an application from a stack on her desk and read. Louis does so a number of times, finding all of them to be highly exceptional. Louis begins to say that he gets what Sheila means, but Sheila proceeds to inform him that those applications are from her reject pile. Responding to Louis' earlier accusation, Sheila states that she is a professional, and that she would never he let her feelings for Louis sway her against a candidate. Louis asks her to let her feelings sway her for a candidate, but Sheila blankly refuses to do so. Louis continues his argument, stating that Rachel "is the best paralegal, in the best law firm in New York", and "is relied upon by the best lawyers, who have graduated from the best university", to which Sheila asks Louis who she should kick out. Louis doesn't answer, but states to Sheila that he made Rachel a promise. Sheila informs Louis that she liked Rachel, but that he will have to tell her that "sometimes good isn't good enough".

At Pearson Hardman, Jessica asks Harvey how their "detonation is coming". Harvey replies that it has a "long fuse", to which Jessica asks whether that means "it's never going off". Harvey states somewhat angrily that if it doesn't, she could always have "James Bond", i.e. Edward, take care of it instead. Jessica continues Harvey's joke, asking him how things are going with Dana, referring to her as "Pussy Galore". Mike enters to interrupt their discussion, and at Jessica's inquiry of why he is there, informs the two of them that they can win Parkville. Harvey and Jessica both look over the information Mike hands them, with Harvey commenting that it is "the key to everything".

Daniel Hardman exits the lift at Pearson Hardman with Hanley Folsom, the two of them discussing their strategy during the deposition. However, as they turn the corner, they find Jessica, Harvey, and Mike waiting for them, with Daniel referring to the trio as "The Three Stooges". Jessica asks Hardman and Folsom to accompany them to the conference room, where Dana is waiting with Cathleen Mitchell. Hardman asks why Cathleen is there, and Mike informs them that she is reading an email written by Folsom regarding the circumstances surrounding her being promoted. Jessica then adds that they will then show her the attachment to that email, which was originally missing from their own copy. Hardman states that they will need time to review the new evidence, but Harvey counters that Folsom was the one who wrote the email, and as it shows, knew Cathleen was unable to have children, and thus the reason he changed her review and subsequently promoted her. Jessica then states that after she has read the email, she will join their lawsuit against Folsom Foods, and they "won't stand a chance". Hardman counters that the email doesn't prove a pattern, to which Harvey states that it proves what Folsom did to her. Hardman is undeterred, stating that it is only one case, and that they will see them at the next 44. He adds that they won't participate in the deposition unless Harvey puts Cathleen on a plane back to Parkville, and he and Folsom take their leave.

Walking together along the corridors of Pearson Hardman, Rachel asks Mike how it went with Daniel; Mike replies that the case isn't over yet, but confirms Rachel's subsequent suggestion that he is "out of the dog house with Jessica". As they are walking, Mike starts to chuckle, and when Rachel inquires why, he states that she never told him how it went with Manningham. Rachel laughingly replies that she never will, but their conversation comes to halt as they reach Rachel's office, and discover Katrina waiting for them. Rachel asks Katrina what she is doing in her office, to which Katrina replies that after what she did, she didn't think Rachel cared about people using her property. Mike steps in, stating to Katrina that her problem isn't with Rachel, but with him. Katrina accepts Mike's suggestion, telling him angrily that he "stole her discovery". Mike asks her whether she is referring to the piece of paper he turned into a strategy, or quoting Katrina's earlier metaphor, "an airplane". Katrina agrees that she may have "put [her] toe over the line", but adds that Mike obliterated the line with his actions. Mike sarcastically apologizes to her, adding that he was merely taking Katrina's advice on right and wrong. Katrina asks Mike on what side of right and wrong sleeping with the paralegals falls on, but Rachel immediately tells Katrina to "get the hell out of [her] office". Katrina starts to leave, stating as she does that it is none of her business, but adds as she does so that it is a good thing Rachel is going to law school, because "they may sleep with the paralegals, but they end up with the lawyers".

Edward enters Jessica's office, bemoaning the lateness of the hour. Jessica informs Edward that she is willing to consider taking him up on his offer, and hands Edward Pearson Hardman's books for the past five years, stating that if they are going to do it, she wants him "to know exactly what it is [he is] getting [himself] into". She encourages him to start at the beginning, saying it is "a great read". Edward states to Jessica that she is an impressive woman, and Jessica merely replies that he doesn't know the half of it. The two of them say their goodbyes, as Harvey looks on from outside.

Harvey meets Dana at a posh restaurant, and brushing aside Dana's observation that he is late, states that he knows Jessica and Edward are considering a merger. Dana states that it isn't "what it looks like", but Harvey counters that after checking Edward's flight, he discovered that Edward flew in the same day Dana did, and didn't just "pop in" as Dana suggested. Dana replies that Edward wasn't meant to do that, but Harvey continues, stating that Dana wants her name on his door. Dana corrects him, stating that she wants to see "[their] names, on the same door". Harvey reiterates his previous statement that Dana is always trying to hide something, but Dana counters that she wanted to tell Harvey herself, but Edward wouldn't let her until he had decided. Harvey points out to Dana that Edward decided without her; Dana admits that Edward jumped the gun, but informs Harvey that she has Edward's promise that if they merge, he will name Dana as partner, and notes that Jessica's only choice will be him. Harvey replies that he doesn't need Dana's help to get his name on the door, just as he didn't need her help to win the case. Dana points out that he has been out-gunned ever since Hardman left, and that she is "bringing the guns". She adds that being partner is what he has always wanted, and he should get over his pride, but Harvey refuses to do so, stating that the merger will never happen, before leaving.

Jessica and Edward go to see Hardman at his office; Daniel exchanges pleasantries with Edward, but Jessica brushes off his friendliness, stating that they are not friendly adversaries, and that Daniel is about to lose. Hardman points out that Folsom already said no, but Edward replies that Folsom might not listen to Daniel any longer when he informs him of Daniel's prior embezzlement. Hardman turns to Jessica, and asks her whether she told Edward about his embezzlement. Jessica replies that she didn't, and Edward adds that he find it on his own. Jessica reveals that she and Edward are merging, and she was legally required to show him Pearson Hardman's books, noting that unlike Hardman, she doesn't break the law. Edward suggests to Daniel that Hanley Folsom could be made aware of his past indiscretions; Hardman counters that failing to report embezzlement is in itself a crime, but Jessica merely suggests that he bring it up at his sentencing hearing. Hardman is still undeterred, stating that he could sue her, but Jessica replies that he still doesn't have proof she told Edward, and Daniel doesn't even have a firm. Jessica bids him goodbye, instructing Daniel as she leaves to get Folsom to sign the papers.

Louis stares at Rachel in her office, building up the confidence to enter. When he finally does, he informs Rachel that he has "a hard truth" to tell her. Rachel guesses that she isn't going to Harvard, which Louis confirms. Rachel states that she understands why, as she has never been good enough, but Louis replies that that isn't the hard truth, stating that she is an amazing candidate, and the reason she didn't get in is because he let her down. Rachel asks what he means, and Louis informs her that he and Sheila had a previous relationship, and that he hurt her. Rachel asks Louis whether Sheila is taking it out on her, but Louis doesn't reply, stating instead that he will write her a recommendation for any law school, but it just won't be Harvard. Rachel tries to contain her emotions, and as Louis leaves, he tells Rachel that he is sorry for what happened. Rachel continues to try to hold back her emotions, but eventually fails, and starts to cry over her desk.


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Major/Highlighted Events

  • With firm resources being cut off and unable to handle all 45 cases, Harvey Specter decides to employ Dwight D. Eisenhower's strategy during the Battle of Normandy – divert all resources to the easiest case to make it seem like they have full resources for all the other cases. Mike Ross informs Harvey that Bakersfield is their "Normandy".
  • Dana Scott arrives from London, England to take Bakersfield and nine other cases, although Harvey refuses. The pair decide to work together on the 45 law suits, with Scottie's employer Darby International financially covering the cost, as Edward Darby states he has a personal bone of contention against Daniel Hardman. The pair also resume their sexual relationship, as Scottie opted out of her marriage plans with her ex-boyfriend while Harvey is no longer seeing Zoe Lawford.
  • Rachel Zane does not get into Harvard Law School, which affects her work at the firm. She gets entangled with Katrina Bennett, who is also clashing heads with Mike. Louis Litt decides to speak to Sheila Sazs on her behalf, who notifies him that Rachel wasn't good enough. Not able to tell Rachel the truth, Louis lies by telling her that she didn't get in because he broke up with Sheila and she is taking it out on Rachel.
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Hardman's name is removed

  • Harvey and Scottie decide to tackle on the hardest case in Parksville, Missouri rather than Bakersfield, which they manage to win. However, Hardman informs them that they still have 44 other cases to face each other on. He then turns around and sees that his name has been removed off the wall, which just states "Pearson".
    • Pearson Hardman is officially renamed as Pearson.
  • Darby, who is spending 20 million pounds on financing Pearson Hardman's 45 cases, reveals to Jessica that he wishes to make more out of his investment, offering to merge. Jessica accepts, and when Harvey finds out, he approaches Scottie, who reveals that winning the cases and merging would not only promote herself as name partner, but Harvey as well. Harvey states that he doesn't need her or Darby's help to become name partner and vows to prevent the merger.

Cultural References

  • When Harvey asks Mike if he knows how they won World War II, Mike replies that it is because "Spock didn't let Kirk save Joan Collins from getting hit by that car"; this is a reference to the Star Trek episode "The City on the Edge of Forever". Mike then asks Harvey if he is Spock or Kirk, but Harvey replies that he is Uhura.
  • Harvey refers to Darby as James Bond, in reference to his being British, and Jessica in turn refers to Scottie as Pussy Galore. Mike then says that she is still doing missions for Goldfinger and quotes "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die" from Goldfinger.
  • Hardman refers to Jessica, Harvey and Mike as "The Three Stooges", prompting Harvey to reply that he has dibs on Curly.
  • Katrina refers to Rachel and Mike as Bonnie and Clyde.



  • Both Katrina and Harvey refer to Mike as a first-year associate, despite the fact that he is a second-year.


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