"Where are your flowers?"
"My flowers?"
"You go on a date, you're supposed to bring flowers.

— Olivia to Harvey Specter

Olivia is the niece of Zoe Lawford who made her sole appearance in "Blind-Sided".


"Is she asleep?"
"Not exactly. She wants you to go up there and kiss her good night. You don't have to do this."
"No, I can do that."
Harvey Specter and Zoe Lawford[src]

Olivia was sent to be with her paternal aunt, Zoe Lawford, when her father was diagnosed with cancer. One night, she met Zoe's date, Harvey Specter, admonishing him for not bringing flowers. Harvey then spent an evening with her and Zoe, and made such an impression that Olivia requested that Harvey kissed her goodnight. The next night, Harvey brought flowers for Olivia, but was informed by Zoe that the duo were moving out of New York, since Olivia's father was going to die and that she would be raising Olivia.[1]


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