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Mike: You think we need to lay out some ground rules?
Harvey: Rules? In a knife fight?
Mike: I guess somebody ought to yell "One-two-three go."
Harvey: One-two-three go.

Mike Ross and Harvey Specter

One-Two-Three Go... is the first episode of the fourth season of Suits and the 45th overall. It first aired on June 11, 2014.


Mike and Harvey adjust to the new arrangement, butting heads over strategy; the firm learns that a disgraced former DA may be pursuing a vendetta.


Mike, Rachel, Harvey and Jessica are all beginning a new day, all appearing to have spent the night with someone. Rachel is revealed to now be attending Columbia Law School part time and also working as Harvey's new associate. Harvey is distracted by the woman he met the previous night, and is subsequently late to work - apparently now a regular occurrence. Meanwhile, Mike, now an investment banker, goes to strong-arm Walter Gillis into selling him part of his business, which he successfully does. He gets back to his new office at Sidwell Investment Group, meeting his 'Donna', Amy, only to find that Sidwell is waiting for him, demanding he come up with an investment that makes 50% profit or else he is out.


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Major/Highlighted Events

  • Three months have passed since the last episode, with Mike Ross now working as an investment banker and a partner at Sidwell Investment Group. Mike manages to convince Walter Gillis to sell his distribution centers, but he is reprimanded by Jonathan Sidwell for his actions, since Mike only did so to ensure that Gillis' employees kept their jobs. After Sidwell reminds Mike that they are a hedge fund and they need to focus on profits, Mike decides to initiate a takeover of Gillis Industries and confers with his firm's attorney, Harvey Specter, for his advice.
    • Harvey suggests a hostile takeover which Mike is opposed to, as he does not wish to cut out Gillis. Instead, he wishes to raise the money needed to gain controlling interest in the company and fight for Gillis while also making a huge profit for his firm. Harvey, believing his idea is stupid and childish, refuses to get on board, causing Mike to formally place Pearson Specter in review and begins looking to hire other law firms to represent SIG.
    • Harvey is approached by Logan Sanders, who wishes to initiate a hostile takeover of Gillis Industries, already owning 4.9% of the company. Harvey informs Logan that he has a conflict of interest, and Logan notifies him in turn that if he does not handle the conflict, Pearson Specter will lose him and his company as clients, including the $1 billion they generate. After speaking with Louis Litt, Harvey realizes he is forced to drop Mike as a client.
  • It is revealed that Eric Woodall, the U.S. Attorney whom Harvey threatened to file charges of malicious prosecution against, was indeed fired in the interim between this episode and the last, and that he is slated to begin employment at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Katrina Bennett, who has been rehired at the firm, discovers along with Louis that Woodall will be sending Jeff Malone to begin a second round. Katrina and Louis conspire to keep this a secret from Harvey and Jessica Pearson, in the hopes that the two name partners will come to him when they find out and that the leverage he will have would enable him to become name partner and rebrand the firm as Pearson Specter Litt.
    • Malone, however, pays a visit to the firm and alerts Harvey and Jessica to Woodall's actions, citing that the S.E.C. is putting Pearson Specter in review and going after their clients. Malone tells them that he does not want to work for Woodall and that he wishes to be employed as a senior partner at their firm and help them fight Woodall, to which Jessica replies that she must discuss it with Harvey first.
    • Jessica states that hiring Malone is redundant as they have Louis, who is known for his financial expertise. Harvey, however, suggests hiring Malone, stating that he would rather have someone like Malone than Louis in a fight. Jessica goes to see Malone, and it is revealed that the pair are in a relationship together. Jessica is weary of hiring her boyfriend and having a relationship with her partner, and reveals the situation to Harvey. She then visits Malone's house for one last night, alerting him that as of the next day, he will officially be a senior partner at the firm.
  • Harvey goes to see Mike, and a waiver is signed to eliminate the conflict of interest. Mike, representing Gillis, prepares to go off against Harvey, representing Logan, as the two face off to gain control of Gillis Industries.
  • Rachel Zane, who is no longer a paralegal at the firm and is now working as Harvey's part-time associate, informs Mike that Logan Sanders was the married man she revealed in "Blind-Sided" that she had an affair with in the past.

Cultural References


  • Goddamn Counter: 2
  • The end credits are preceded by a card showing "in memory of Albert Ezerzer". Albert Ezerzer was a member of the transportation department for the show.
  • This is the second episode in the entire series to change the background music played during the credits.
  • Harvey's opening sequence in this episode is reminiscent of his intro in the first episode, with him drinking coffee on his balcony before coming inside, intending to leave, only to be distracted by advances from the woman in his bed and being late to work.
    • This mirroring is also visible in the vest that Mike is wearing when Harvey arrives. In the first episode, Harvey is mocked by Louis Litt and Donna Paulsen for looking 'like a pimp' due to his vest, while in this episode, Harvey and Donna mock Mike for his vest.
  • Gina Torres and D.B. Woodside previously shared another complicated romantic relationship when they co-starred in the third season of the FOX drama 24.


Harvey: So he's seen you naked?
Jessica: That's usually how these things work. Are you picturing me naked right now?
Harvey: Maybe. Yes.
Jessica: Go wash your hands. Don't spend too much time in that bathroom.


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