"Sometimes, the good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay."
— Packel

Packel is a police detective who investigated the death of Jill Hodgkins. He made his sole appearance in "Dog Fight".


"Mr. Specter, you are accusing a police officer of tampering with evidence."
"Yes, I am. When the results of the DNA test came back, they didn't line up, and Detective Packel changed the custody documents."
―Judge Gus Benjamin and Harvey Specter[src]
In 1999, Packel was an NYPD detective assigned to investigate the death of Jill Hodgkins, who had been murdered at a prep school. Unbeknownst to Packel, Jason Black and Matt Bailey had killed Jill, although they had pinned the blame on Clifford Danner. The duo testified that Clifford had killed Jill, and due to District Attorney Cameron Dennis' decision to bury two key pieces of evidence, including a camisole that contained both Jason and Matt's DNA, as well as Packel's decision to break the chain of custody for the camisole, Assistant District Attorney Harvey Specter had Clifford was imprisoned for Jill's murder, sentenced to sixteen years in prison.

Twelve years later, in 2011, Harvey discovered that Cameron had buried the evidence and sought to secure Clifford's release, much to Packel's ire. With the camisole being declared inadmissible, Harvey resorted to tricking Matt and Jason and obtained their DNA, and proved to Packel hat they were the killers. Along with Mike Ross, the trio ticked Matt into thinking Jason was going to kill him to tie up loose ends, prompting Matt to confess and sign a deal. Packel then took Matt into custody; in return, Clifford was freed, with his record expunged, while Jason and Matt were incarcerated.[1]


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