"The vacant alderman seat in the 54th."
"What about it?"
"I want my friend Betsy Sullivan sitting on it."
"I wasn't aware you appointed aldermen."
"I don't. Bobby does. And now I'm telling him who to appoint.

— Pat McGann and Jessica Pearson

Patrick "Pat" McGann is a property developer in Chicago.


Pat McGann is an influential real estate and property developer in Chicago. At some point, Pat befriended a man named Novak, who had Tommy Diehl, a corrupt union boss, killed in exchange for McGann having his son Bobby Novak, an alderman, appointed as the city's next mayor. McGann already had a working relationship with the young alderman, whom he had do his bidding on city council. McGann invited Novak to one of his buildings, still in construction. There, McGann told him that he is now a prime candidate for Mayor as the previous contender, Assistant District Attorney Mills, had been caught having a sexual affair with a paralegal. Novak admitted that while he agreed to play the long game and do McGann's bidding, he was sick of the city's reputation and that as it was getting to him, he wanted to be a new kind of mayor. Despite his statement, McGann scoffed at him, citing that he has many rich people supporting Novak and that Novak won't be any kind of mayor if he doesn't win, with McGann even having paid $20,000 to have a consulting firm appraise Novak's strengths and weaknesses.

After Novak exposes City Attorney Ken Sharma, McGann went to Novak's ofice. Novak gushed about the exhilaration of exposing Sharma during City Council and claimed that he was now ready to run for mayor, believing his actions have garnered him public support. However, McGann called him an idiot, notifying him that the big money backers who were prepared to fund his campaign all pulled out as they were friends with Sharma. Novak attempted to tell McGann that he didn't need his help and that he coud rely on public support, although McGann reveals that he wasn't trying to have Novak become mayor out of the goodness of his own heart, revealing the deal he had with Novak's father; additionally, McGann states that if this knowledge were to be made public, the people would not support him for mayor. McGann then handed Novak a drink, toasting to his upcoming campaign, but informed him that he would have to fire Keri Allen.[1]

McGann succeeded in making Novak mayor, and working in conjunction with him, made plans to tear down the public housing apartments in the North Park neighborhood in order to construct a building, having no care for the families he would displace. He was briefly impeded by Jessica Pearson, although Jessica's ability to fight the case in court were impeded when she lost her law license and her relation to Lillian Cook, one of the North Park tenants, was exposed.

McGann briefly faced off against Harvey Specter, who flew in from New York to take over the case. Harvey presented McGann with a cashier's check for $1 million, with the intention of having McGann publicly endorse Jessica for a spot on City Council, which McGann agreed to do, informing Harvey that he would help Jessica buy her way into power so long as she never forgot who was responsible for it. While McGann was willing to have Jessica placed in a position of power in exchange for favors, he cancelled their deal when Jessica attempted to have Keri fired, informing her that he did not do business with people who went after his friends. Additionally, McGann had Harvey's ability to practice law in Chicago suspended, preventing Harvey from handling the case.

However, Jessica had a photographer take a photo of McGann returning the check to Jessica, and notified McGann that the picture gave off the image that he was bribing her to drop the case. Jessica then told McGann that if he did not back off the housing case, she would risk her reputation to leak the image, and the case would then go to federal court, where the judge and jury would not be from Chicago and therefore not in his pocket. However, her plans were ended abruptly when Bobby Novak offered Jessica a job to work alongside him in government in exchange for her dropping her case and allowing McGann to erect his building, which she accepted.[2]

A few days later, Novak then heads to a bowling alley to meet McGann. He hands McGann the lawsuit, telling him he could rip it up, although McGann realizes the deal Novak made, adding that he hoped Novak made better ones during his time as a public defender, claiming that he had just given away the store. McGann berates Novak for bringing Jessica into City Hall, although Novak claims that if he hadn't, Jessica would have dug into McGann's finances and discovered that his dirty money came from the mayor's office. McGann adds that Jessica could find out more stuff about the two of them, only for Novak to claim that is why he hired Jessica and that he is merely keeping his enemies close.

Shortly after, Nick meets up with McGann in a secluded location, where McGann hands Nick with the money he owed him to intimidate Jessica, even though Nick failed. Nick refuses the money, and McGann tells him to consider it as a retainer, telling him to do his job and inform McGann on what Novak is doing with Jessica. Nick refuses to spy and inform on Novak since they are brothers, only for McGann to retort that they are half-brothers and that Nick is the bastard half-brother that Novak would never publicly acknowledge as he cares more about his political future. McGann adds that while Novak does care for Nick, because Nick is not publicly part of the Novak family, if Jessica exposed them all, Nick would not be taken care of. McGann tells Nick that if he does not want to spy on her for Novak, to at least do it for himself, and gives him the money before departing.[3]

The next morning, McGann calls for a meeting with Novak at a public park in order to have his friend Betsy Sullivan appointed as alderman of the 54th ward. Since Novak has taken the day off due to his wife's multiple sclerosis, Jessica is sent in his stead. Jessica replies that she would have to do her due diligence on Betsy before recommending her to Novak, to which McGann replies that she should finish her vetting by the end of the day as he does not want the alderman position to remain vacant.

After her lunch with Betsy, Jessica calls McGann and notifies him that Betsy is racist and thus she would not be hired, as she would alienate most of the mayor's base. She instead offers to come up with a list of candidates that she believes they would both find applicable, with McGann claiming that he could simply go straight to Novak himself. As Jessica gets in the vehicle, Nick amusingly reminds her that McGann does like being told "no", to which she replies that McGann would have to get used to it. As a result, McGann has the eviction period of the North Park residents decreased from 90 days to 7, severely affecting the Cook family.

Jessica goes to dinner with McGann, revealing that she knows that he wants to appoint Betsy because she would slip a loophole that would allow him to use non-unionized labor, which would save him $40-50 million. McGann attempts to rationalize it by stating that a chunk of it would go towards Novak's re-election, although Jessica replies that if Betsy is made alderman, Novak would not win re-election. Jessica then offers to find another way to get McGann non-unionized labor, under the condition that he restore her family's original 90-day agreement, to which he agrees.

Jessica goes to see construction union leader Frank Cramer, offering him a payout to turn a blind eye to McGann's union violations. Cramer, a caring leader with integrity, refuses to sell out his workers and initially refuses, but relents when Jessica threatens to have son imprisoned under assault charges. Jessica then heads outside and informs McGann of the news, who agrees to write Cramer a check, reinstate the Cooks' 90-day eviction agreement and adds that this is a start of a new friendship with Jessica, quoting Casablanca. Jessica tells him they can get dinner, which McGann wanted, after he makes good on his deal.[4]

Shortly after, Keri travels to McGann's work site to notify him that Jessica is digging into the murder of Carl Jeffries, whom McGann paid off to drop a lawsuit prior to his death. Keri, not sure of his involvement, asks him if he paid Carl off, and McGann rudely dismisses her, although he adds that she had celebrated when the lawsuit was dropped and asks her whether she believed magic dust is what caused the office's problems to disappear. McGann then meets up with Nick on a street that night. Nick urges McGann to get it over with as he's on the clock, prompting McGann to wonder how he could be as Novak is out of town when Nick reveals he is also driving Jessica around. McGann insults him for doing so, and Nick justifies the decision by claiming Novak thought it was a good idea so that he could keep an eye on Jessica, to which McGann replies that he should keep his eyes open then. Nick tells him that Jessica is at her aunt's, and McGann reminds him that Lillian lives in the same North Park neighborhood Carl did and that she is investigating his murder. McGann then offers to hire Nick to be a driver for Albert Chan, an important VIP coming into town, although Nick declines.

McGann goes to a club where he meets with Albert, an investor and partner in the North Park project. Albert asks McGann how soon work could begin, and is dismayed when McGann informs him they must wait 90 days. Albert mentions McGann having the mayor in his pocket, with McGann claiming the mayor cannot do everything, only for Albert to state that the mayor in Macau can and that he should put his money there. As he leaves, he notifies McGann that he would revoke his money if the North Park project does not begin within the week.[5]



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