Paula: Do you know why it's unethical for a therapist to go out with her client, Harvey? [...] It's because it's natural for a client to transfer feelings of desire onto his therapist that aren't real. [...] What you may not know is that it's not unnatural for a therapist to feel the same way. You don't think I've had fantasies about you? That one day you'd show up at my office as I was heading home for the night, and I turn around, and you'd be there. You wouldn't say a word, but... you'd take me in your arms and kiss me, and It would actually be the start of something special.

—Paula Agard to Harvey Specter, Skin in the Game

Dr. Paula Agard is a therapist whom Harvey Specter began to see after he began to have panic attacks due to Donna Paulsen leaving him to work for Louis Litt

She later begins a relationship with Harvey in season 7 which ends after she makes him choose between her and Donna.


A few years ago, she was pressured by a client to release his son out of rehab so he could attend his mother's funeral. Although she knew he was not ready to leave, she gave a note of approval to release the young man; however, he died less than 24 hours later of a drug overdose, the night of his mother's funeral.



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