Pearson Specter Litt is a major law firm headquartered in New York, formed after Louis Litt used Mike Ross' secret to leverage himself as a name partner. The name partners other than Louis are Jessica Pearson and Harvey Specter.

Following Mike Ross' guilty plea, nearly all the employees left the firm, leaving just Jessica, Harvey, Louis, Donna, Rachel, Gretchen and Benjamin. Shortly after saving a man from death row, Jessica realized that she had forgotten why she became a lawyer in the first place and decides to step down, leaving the firm to Harvey and Louis. Harvey then assumes the position of managing partner and rehires Mike while promoting Donna from executive assistant to senior partner, although he is made to realize that partnership is a title that should not be given to non-lawyers and instead makes her the firm's new COO.

Notable members


Managing Partner(s)

Chief Operating Officer

Senior Partners

  • Harvey Specter (name partner/managing partner)
  • Louis Litt (name partner)
  • Alex Williams
  • Donna Paulsen (briefly; unofficially)
  • Jeff Malone (formerly; resigned)
  • Jack Soloff (formerly; resigned)
  • Paul Porter (formerly; resigned)
  • Watson (formerly; resigned)
  • Kleinmen (formerly; resigned)
  • Pemberton (formerly; resigned)
  • Yates (formerly; resigned)
  • Cowen (formerly; resigned)
  • Dufner (formerly; resigned)
  • Ramirez (formerly; resigned)
  • Sidney Thomas (formerly; resigned)
  • Robinson (formerly; resigned)
  • Jenkins (formerly; resigned)
  • Gardner (formerly; resigned)
  • Gallow (formerly; resigned)
  • Goldberg (formerly; resigned)

Junior Partners



  • Rachel Zane

Executive Assistants/Secretaries

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