"Therefore, prepare thee to cut off the flesh. Shed thou no blood, nor cut thou less, nor more but just a pound of flesh."
Donna Paulsen

Pound of Flesh is the fifth episode of the fourth season of Suits, and the 49th overall. It first aired on July 16, 2014.


Louis helps Donna prepare for a role, Harvey and Mike agree to a cease fire, and Mike learns the depths of his business partner's ruthlessness.


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Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Neal McDonough as Sean Cahill
  • Eric Roberts as Charles Forstman
  • Brendan Beiser as Becker
  • Alan Rosenthal as Judge
  • Lisa Messinger as Nurse

Major/Highlighted Events

  • Wexler is selling a block of Gillis Industries shares, which both Sanders International and Sidwell Investment Group wish to acquire. However, due to the T.R.O. filed by Mike Ross, Logan Sanders is unable to purchase shares for another week. Jessica asks Jeff Malone to create a trust fund that will buy those shares, which they will transfer to Logan when his T.R.O. expires, a tactic known as parking shares which Malone deems illegal. As a former employee of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Malone notifies Harvey and Jessica that parking the shares would raise red flags against the S.E.C., who already has it in for them, and proposes that the firm buy the shares with their own money. In return, they make Logan Sanders pay a $20 million retainer up front, after which they reimburse the difference by giving him the shares rather than cash. While the practice isn't ethical and completely legal, it is also not illegal, and has a chance of flying under the S.E.C.'s radar,
  • Rachel asks for a day off, although Harvey refuses. When she faints at law school and is hospitalized, Harvey and Mike meet at the hospital, with Harvey promising to postpone the shares auction so that they can have dinner and catch up. After their dinner, they are ambushed by Sean Cahill, who accuses Harvey and Mike of colluding on the Gillis Industries takeover battle, and reveals that a shell corporation owned by Pearson Specter purchased the Wexler block of Gillis shares, much to Mike's anger.
    • Harvey realizes this was Jessica's doing and speaks to her, who reveals that she did it because her obligation is to Logan and not to honor Harvey's agreement with Mike. Harvey informs her that Cahill is having him followed and is aware of the shares deal, and they cannot transfer the shares to Logan or undo the sale as it would give Cahill and the S.E.C. more ammunition. However, as the firm owns the shares and Jessica is the managing partner, Jessica merely states that she will vote in Logan's favor when the time comes.
    • Harvey apologizes to Mike for Jessica's actions and admits that he regrets not aligning with Mike when the takeover battle was presented to him. Mike then pays a visit to Charles Forstman, notifying him that he no longer needs his money and that he would find some other way to get money, only for Forstman to reply that he already contacted Jonathan Sidwell and alerted him that he was giving them access to his $230 million at Mike's bequest.

Cultural References


  • Goddamn Counter: 3
  • Harvey mentions the time Mike went mudding with Louis. ("I Want You to Want Me")
  • Louis reveals that he has memorized all of William Shakespeare's plays.
  • Donna's middle name is revealed to be Roberta.


  • Louis states that he has spent 14 years undergoing therapy with Dr. Stan Lipschitz. However, in "Full Disclosure", it is revealed that Louis first began his sessions with Lipschitz after Daniel Hardman promoted him to junior partner, which was between 2003 and 2007.


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