Rand Kaldor LLP is a top-tier law firm that operates out of both New York City & New Jersey, considered as a major rival to Pearson Specter Litt. The current name partners are Rand and Kaldor after Robert Zane left to join Specter Litt forming Zane Specter Litt.

Notable Members

  • Robert Zane (former name & managing partner)
  • Ellen Rand (name partner)
  • Eric Kaldor (name partner)
  • Sylvia (Robert Zane's secretary/executive assistant)
  • Katrina Bennett (Robert Zane's personal associate; formerly)
  • Stephanie Patel (associate; formerly)
  • Daniel Hardman (legal consultant; formerly)
  • Tom (Associate)


  • The Kaldor in Rand, Kaldor & Zane is named after David Kaldor, one of the people working on the show.
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