Jessica: What do you want, Louis?
Louis: I want something for continuing to cover your ass.
Jessica: You got something. You got your name on the wall.
Louis: Now I want the respect that comes with it.
Jessica: Meaning?
Louis: I want one of Harvey's clients.

Jessica Pearson and Louis Litt

Respect is the twelfth episode of the fourth season of Suits and the 56th overall. It first aired on February 4, 2015.


When the Harvard ethics professor seeks Harvey's help, Mike must hide in plain sight.


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Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Stephen Macht as Henry Gerard
  • Brian White as Garrett Brady
  • Isabella Hofmann as Joan Walsh
  • Jim Watson as Ian

Major/Highlighted Events

  • Henry Gerard, professor of legal ethics at Harvard Law School, comes to Harvey Specter with a dilemma; he was appointed to create a compensation formula for Liberty Rail, following a derailment. However, he is being accused of being bribed after the TSA found $25,000 in his luggage. Harvey refuses to believe that Gerard, a staunch upholder of ethics, would accept a bribe and asks where the money came from. Gerard states that he won it playing backroom poker, but after being prepared for his deposition, Mike Ross realizes that he is lying. This upsets Harvey, as Gerard always looked down on him for being the type of lawyer that bends the rules, only for Gerard to do the same himself.
    • Harvey discovers that the $25,000 was paid by a student named Ian in order for Gerard to change his grade in the class. In order to put the Liberty Rail bribery allegation to rest as well as prevent Gerard from being exposed, Mike has Ian sign an affidavit stating that the money paid was for a loan, which Gerard is to pay back.
    • Gerard informs Harvey that he was impressed by Mike and wondered why he forgot about such a student, only to look into his records and discover that Mike isn't in his records. He deduces that is why Harvey visited him the year before, to prevent him from exposing Mike as a fraud, but accepts it and declares that he is now even with Harvey. As gratitude for keeping Mike's secret to himself, Harvey informs Gerard that he will pay back the loan himself. Mike suspects that Gerard has discovered the truth, but Harvey assures him that he did not, to ensure Mike's peace of mind.

Cultural References

  • Mike and Harvey mention Iceman and Maverick from Top Gun. Gerard then mentions that he preferred Viper, stating that he isn't too old to know Top Gun.


  • Goddamn Counter: 2
  • Mike reminds Harvey that he was once kicked out of Atlantic City for counting cards, which he first informed him of in "All In".


Mike: So are we gonna talk about that little welcome speech that Jessica made for Louis?
Harvey: We don't have to talk about it because Louis isn't going to accept it.
Mike: Why not?
Harvey: Because it'll be a cold day in hell when he can accept being Maverick to my Iceman.
Harvey: Don't... don't you mean Iceman to your Maverick?
Harvey: No, I don't.
Mike: You actually want to be Iceman over Maverick?
Harvey: Who got the trophy?
Mike: Who's the better pilot?
Harvey: The one who got the trophy.
Mike: Wrong. Because in the end, Maverick saved Iceman, and if he hadn't, trophy boy would be sitting on the bottom of the Indian Ocean right now.
Harvey: Where he'd still be the man.
Mike: According to you.
Harvey: According to me is the only "according to" that matters.
Mike: Here we go.
Henry: Maybe, but according to me, Viper was the real hero of that film. What? You think I'm too old to know Top Gun?


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