Geller: I seem to recall you mentioning something about penalties for perjury at our last meeting. Well, the penalty for bribing a witness is just as severe. And we're willing to overlook that indiscretion if you convince your client to take our settlement offer. Well, our revised settlement offer.
Harvey: Revised?
Geller: Yes. Exactly half of what it was before.

—Robert Geller and Harvey Specter, Identity Crisis

Robert Geller is an attorney who represented Anthony Mazlo and served as general counsel for his firm. He made his sole appearance in "Identity Crisis".


"It's about Lucille. She wants your head on a stick but she'll settle for her money back."
"And your resignation."
"We agree right here, no criminal prosecution?"
Louis Litt, Harvey Specter and Robert Geller[src]

Robert Geller is an attorney who served as in-house counsel for Anthony Mazlo's investment firm. Geller participated in a deposition with his client Elliot Perkins, attempting to defend Perkins from Louis Litt. However, following Perkins' death, Geller joined Mazlo in using Perkins as a scapegoat for the embezzlement charges they were fighting against. After seemingly gaining Mazlo's executive assistant Inez as a witness, Louis and Harvey Specter pay Geller a visit, only to realize they were tricked. Due to Louis' bribery attempt, Geller proposes a revised statement, in which Lucille Jackson only receives a $10 million settlement.

With the help of Lola Jensen, Harvey and Louis obtain proof of Mazlo's embezzlement and confront Mazlo and Geller, where Geller offers to accept their terms of Mazlo's resignation and the money returned under the promise of no criminal prosecution.[1]


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