Robert Stensland is the former CEO of McKernon Motors who conspired to sell the company's factory and engine production, believing that the value of the company was within its name, forcing Harvey Specter to thwart his plans. As a result of Laurence purchasing McKernon Motors, Stensland lost his tenure in the company.


Following the death of Avery McKernon, Robert Stensland was appointed interim CEO of McKernon Motors. Believing that McKernon's true value was in its name, Stensland arranged to sell the company's flagship factory, where its famous engines were produced, and to move production overseas. This caused his attorney Harvey Specter, a fan of Avery McKernon, McKernon Motors and its engines, to conspire to betray Stensland and find a new CEO, citing that his job was to serve the company and not Stensland personally.

While he was initially kept in the dark to Harvey's machinations, he was tipped off by Louis Litt via Jessica Pearson, prompting him to fire Pearson Hardman and Dominic Barone and rearrange the next fiscal meeting earlier, allowing him to become the new official CEO. However, after realizing that the board of directors would only approve Stensland's relocation plans due to the money they would save, Harvey has Laurence, a wealthy friend of his who owns a two billion dollar hedge fund, purchase the company for $250 million. With the acquisition of McKernon by Laurence, Dominic Barone becomes the new CEO while Stensland's employment is terminated.[1]


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