"I'd rather take my shot and go down swinging than walk away from the ring."
— Robert to Rachel

Robert Lucas Zane, J.D. is Rachel's father and the managing partner and one of the name partners at Zane Specter Litt. Robert is an extremely talented attorney, and has achieved great success and prestige in New York as a managing partner of one the city's top firms. Though very serious when it comes to the law and deals regarding his firm, outside of work he is shown to be a friendly and good-natured man who enjoys golf and spending time with his wife, Laura.


Rachel Zane

He has a complicated relationship with his daughter. Though he loves her dearly, he doesn't understand her decision to work as a paralegal, and wishes to use his influence to help her climb higher up the chain. She refuses his help and insists on "making her own way." Rachel doesn't talk about her father to her coworkers or superiors at Pearson Specter, as people treat her differently when they find out she is Robert Zane's daughter. He is proud of her following his footsteps.

Mike Ross

Robert seems initially suspicious of Mike, but no more than any other father meeting his daughter's boyfriend. He warms up quickly though when he sees how much his daughter likes Mike, and how well he gets along with his wife, Laura. He and Mike share a friendly relationship from then on, though it is occasionally bruised by conflicts between Robert's firm with Pearson Specter. When Mike visits him at his country club, he mentions how he has been meaning to get Mike out there to play a round with him. Mike reveals he is there on business, to Zane's disappointment. Though he and Mike don't always see eye to eye on deals and cases, Robert seems to genuinely like Mike and respect his legal prowess. Before he proposes to Rachel, Mike calls Robert to ask for his blessing, which he gives.

Laura Zane

Robert and his wife, Laura, share a very close and loving relationship, though she is more supportive than him when it comes to Rachel and her life decisions.


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